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Strata Blocked Drains

Drain Pros are Strata Drain Servicing Experts 

Drain Pros stands out as one of the few plumbing companies in Sydney that provide reliable and affordable strata plumbing services. We boast on being one of the most qualified and experienced plumbing specialists in all kinds of strata properties plumbing issues in Sydney. Our record, based on customers’ ratings, speaks for itself. Our plumbing specialists have sound knowledge of industry standards and expectations in working with Strata Buildings. We always strive to surpass our client’s expectations by offering top-quality strata plumbing servicing.

When Things Go Wrong, It is important to Call in The Professionals

Many are times when strata property owners find themselves in unforeseen plumbing issues. If that is the case, you can always contact Drain Pros for a quick and long-lasting solution. We will assist with the following:

Blocked Drains 

Drain blockage is among the main issues Sydney residents face. The problem occurs when there is continued clogging of substances along the drain channels. Our professional experts will assist with your blocked drain and get the best solution.

Drain Cleaning

Dirt can easily build up in the drain pipes and eventually form a clog. It is advisable that you ask for professional assistance to undertake the drain cleaning process in your strata property. Drain Pros is best suited for such tasks.

Drain Repairs

It is possible that your plumbing system will develop some damage with time. It is essential to move swiftly and ask for help from Drain Pros and get professional drain repair services any day.

Drain Replacement

Replacement of your drains is recommended when they are damaged beyond repair. We have the best experts who will ensure that your drains are effectively replaced using the best approach. We also go a step further to offer you professional advice based on the issue at hand and the most appropriate way to handle it.

Leak Detection

Perhaps you have noticed abnormal wetness on your strata property or just within your yard. This could be a result of leaking drain pipes. Our team has modern CCTV inspection cameras to assist in assessing and detecting leaks.

Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning

Drain Pros uses the Jet Blasting approach to ensure that stubborn clogs are eliminated along the drainage pipes. Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning works effectively for Strata properties; hence Drain Pros is the right company to handle your situation.

What You Can Expect From Us

Drain Pros is a company that is founded on honesty and integrity. Our main objective is to provide Sydney residents with lasting solutions to their plumbing problems. You can expect the following us:

Professionalism Above All Else

Our level of integrity towards all our customers remains unmatched anywhere across Sydney. We are a team of adequately trained plumbing specialists who value professionalism. Drain Pros, therefore, strongly affirms that all our services are tailor-made to meet all customers’ expectations with no exception. You can be assured that any of your plumbing problems will be effectively handled once you consider Drain Pros.

Honest Upfront Pricing

We practice the highest degree of transparency when granting our clients the respective price quotes. You can be assured of zero exploitation once you consider our services. You will also get free advice from our professional plumbers.

On-Time Every Time

We take the shortest time to arrive on site upon receiving clients’ calls. We take all drain problems seriously, hence the prompt response.

Quality Workmanship

We believe that quality is the main pillar of effective service provision. That is why all experts at Drain Pros capitalise on offering professional services based on their continued exposure to strata plumbing in Sydney.

Emergency Plumbing

You do not have to worry about an emergency plumbing problem at your Strata property. Drain Pros will always be available, irrespective of the time and day. We operate round the clock.

Ways To Navigate Strata Plumbing Issues

Our services are conducted and delivered in the most definitive and elaborate manner. Here are the simple ways to navigate strata plumbing issues:


It is recommended that you report the plumbing issue to the Strata Property Board. This is because there are some guiding principles and provisions that must be adhered to, particularly with respect to the strata property management.

Ask The Body Corporate To Call In A Professional

The body corporate, in this case, can assist in reaching out to a professional plumber. Using this approach is an ideal way of getting reliable services from plumbing companies such as Drain Pros in Sydney.

File A Motion If Corporation Takes No Action 

Plumbing issues cannot be left unattended, and that is why you should consider filing a motion for the repairs in case the corporation fails to take action after reporting. That way, you will begin the repairs sooner.

Determine Who is Liable For The Problem

It is important to determine who is responsible for the prevailing plumbing or drainage problem in your strata property. Doing so will put the responsible party on the mandate to sort the payment, among other issues. Responsibility should be determined based on different issues, including:

Water Leaks from One Property to Another

It is necessary to establish if water leakage comes within the building or not. Some cases involve water leaks from one property to another hence responsibility is the burden of the source.

Leaking Shower in A Private Unit

Here, responsibility can be the burden of the private unit occupant or the property owner. It is important to determine who caused such leakages.

Broken Kitchen Sink

Broken kitchen sinks can be the responsibility of the user, or the installing company, hence the need to identify the specific party responsible for the problem.

Water Damage

Continued water leakage can lead to intense damage to the property. Therefore, liability should be based on the parties that caused the issue, be it the user or the installer of the plumbing system.

Damp or Moldy Spots

Damp and mouldy spots are usually a result of leakages under the floor or ground surface. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the liable party for such issues.

Have a Blocked Drain Emergency on Your Strata Property? 

Contact Drain Pros for emergency strata plumbing services anywhere across Sydney. Our services are available 24/7. We will be on-site to offer you the much-needed help. Do not be frustrated. Simply reach out to Drain Pros for incomparably professional plumbing services.

Areas in Sydney that Drain Pro’s Services 

  • Sydney CBD
  • West Sydney
  • Inner West
  • Eastern Suburbs
  • Northern Suburbs
  • North Shore
  • Sutherland Shire
  • St George
  • Hills District

Do not allow plumbing issues to cause more inconveniences in your Strata Property.

Call Drain Pros now and get the issues solved promptly. We are highly qualified to offer the most reliable services across Sydney. Try us Today!


Frequently Asked Questions

The liability and responsibility for leaking water pipes can be the responsibility of the property occupants or the plumbing system installer.

Strata are liable for the operation of the plumbing systems. In essence, strata properties should have professionally installed plumbing systems to avoid potential damages and faults.

The immediate action is to reach out to Drain Pros for a professional assessment of the issue and the subsequent repairs. The team will respond promptly and swiftly.

Notably, insurance coverage on strata plumbing systems is dependent on the type of policy in place. Some insurance policies may cover such leaks, while others don’t.