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The drainage system is one of the most important parts of the plumbing system when it comes to disposing of liquid waste. But most people overlook the need to constantly check on their drainage. Only when things get out of hand do people take the drainage problem seriously. Do not wait for a mess or disaster to strike for you to act. Drain cleaning should be a major priority. At Drain Pros, we can help you with all your drain needs, including chemical drain cleaning.

How Do Drain Cleaners Work

Continued accumulation of substances along the drainage channel is the major cause of blockages. It is for this reason that drain cleaning is recommended to ensure your drainage channel is free from any obstacles that can limit the flow of grey and block water. Drain cleaners or chemicals work by eating away the clog and eventually clearing it. They also significantly reduce the possibility of the clog recurring again.

When Are Drain Cleaners Required?

It is important to know the instances when drain cleaners are necessary for your domestic or commercial properties. The idea is to avoid escalating the situation, hence the need to respond to some drainage issues in a timely manner.

Drain cleaners required when the blockage is building up. If you notice that there is some clog building up, it is small and thus can be handled by drain cleaners. So the use of chemicals works best when a blockage is identified early.

The Types of Chemical Drain Cleaners Available

Whereas the use of chemicals is one of the common approaches used in drain cleaning, it is important to note that they come in many types. Each type is good for specific clogs. Among the most common chemical drain cleaners include:


Caustic drain cleaners contain special ingredients, including Lye. The role of the said ingredient is to generate electrons. In this case, electrons react vigorously with the substances causing the clog in the drainage system. Heat is generated during the process, which gets rid of grease clogs. Caustic drain chemical cleaners are most effective on grease and oil or any substance that proves to be sticky on the drainage channels.


The main difference between caustic and oxidizing chemical cleaners is that caustic leads to the generation of electrons while oxidizing takes electrons from the clogging substances. In most cases, oxidizing chemicals include ingredients such as bleach, which reacts to clogs by extracting electrons. Heat is generated in the process, hence making it easy for clogged substances to flow through the drain.


The acidic drain cleaners work by creating hydronium ions through a chemical reaction with the clog. The acid simply eats away the material, causing the clog, which eventually dislodges clog. It is recommended that acidic drain cleaners should be used only in complex and serious situations. These drain cleaners are also toxic to users and the environment and should therefore be handled with care.

What is The Difference Between Store-bought Cleaner and Professional Cleaner

The main difference between a store-bought cleaner and a professional cleaner is the composition and quality. Store-bought cleaners are usually considered less harmful and can be used by anyone with simple instructions. However, they are usually less effective in dealing with complex drain blockages, and some can cause serious harm to your drain system.

Professional cleaners, on the other hand, are specifically designed to offer an effective solution to drain blockages. The ingredients used in their making are approved for the intended purpose. It is also notable that professional cleaners are less reactive and can hardly inflict damage on the plumbing systems and drainage pipes. They are also recommended to be used by professional plumbers.

Why is It Important To Have A Drain Specialist Look at Your Clogged Drain

  • Chemical drain cleaning can do more harm than good if not done properly. In fact, most drain cleaning chemicals may end up causing more damage to your drain line. A drain specialist can help you avoid these damages ans also provide alternative methods.
  • There is also the possibility that the issue at hand is bigger than what you think and that a different method is needed to handle the situation. An expert is able to effectively assess the problem and establish the magnitude of the blockage before settling for the ideal method to unclog.
  • A prior diagnosis by a specialist is recommended, especially in locating the blocked part of the drainage. Only a professional specialist from Drain Pros can offer the best diagnosis using CCTV cameras.

Don’t Put Off Having Your Blocked Drains Looked At By A Drain Specialist.

Whereas the use of chemicals is one of the common approaches used in drain cleaning, it is important to note that they come in many types. Each type is good for specific clogs. Among the most common chemical drain cleaners include:

Bacteria Growth

Blocked drains for good breeding grounds for bacteria. This means that the longer you take before addressing the blocked drains, the higher the chances of bacterial breeding, which is a health hazard.


There are a lot of diseases associated with blockages. For instance, chlorella and bacterial infections are considered to be a result of the unhealthy disposal of waste as well as flooding.

Damages to Plumbing System

Blockages can lead to extensive damage to the plumbing system, especially when left for a long time unattended. To avoid such, it is necessary to engage a specialist from Drain Pros.

Some At-Home Alternatives To Chemical Drain Cleaners

The use of chemicals is not always the way out in clearing drains. This is why you might want to try the following alternative ways of unblocking your drains:

Baking Soda and Vinegar

Pour a cup of vinegar into the blocked parts and leave it for approximately 20 minutes. Add a cup of baking soda and allow it to stay for another 20 minutes. Finally, rinse the drainage with some hot water.

Drain Snake

You can get a steel drain snake and run it through the drainage pipe. It would be even more effective when an electric drain snake is used since it easily coils into the clog, eventually dislodging everything.


A plunger can be effective in clearing blocked sinks and drain pipes. In this case, all you need is to continuously pump into the blocked drain until the clog is driven into the septic.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Drain Pros are the fastest in responding to any of your concerns. That is why we have been ranked the best in offering emergency drain cleaning services in Sydney.
Instead of waiting for the blockage to occur, it is recommended that you embark on regular drain cleaning. The more you clean your drains, the lower the blockage.
Chemical cleaning is not only fast but also very effective. It is the cheapest and fastest method of unblocking clogs in the early stages. But you need a professional to perform chemical drain cleaning to avoid damage to your drainage system.
Chemicals can be highly reactive, hence causing bodily harm to the user. Therefore, it is recommended that you practice caution when handling chemical cleaners. Adequate protection is highly recommended.