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Blocked Toilet Sydney Services

You no longer have to struggle with your blocked toilet because Drain Pros is here to offer you professional unblocking services. We are a Sydney-based company committed to ensuring that your blocked drains are amply and adequately fixed. It does not matter the complexity of the toilet blockage. We have what it takes to handle all your blocked toilet problems and provide a lasting solution. Try us today!

Tips To Avoid Blocked Toilets

You can avoid blocked toilets by simply following the following tips:

Avoid Using Too Much Toilet Paper

Too much toilet paper can clog your toilet drainage system, which leads to a stubborn blockage. Make sure that you use toilet paper in moderation.

Be Mindful of What You Flush

Note that toilets are designed to handle water, toilet paper, and human waste. Anything else has the potential to cause blockage. So be mindful of what you flush.

Avoid Using A Cistern Brick

In as much as cistern bricks are meant to save water, sometimes it is associated with toilet blockage. The small volume of water flowing into the toilet may be inadequate to flush away the waste, hence leading to blockage.

Emergency Blocked Toilet Plumber in Sydney

Are you looking for a plumber to fix your blocked toilet right away, regardless of the time of the day? Look no further because Drain Pros offer 24/6 emergency services for blocked drains. This includes blocked toilets services. Our lines are always active to ensure emergency cases are promptly handled. Call us today for 24/7 emergency blocked toilet services.

Our Process

Our toilet unblocking process is accomplished in three simple steps as follows:

Drain Inspection Using CCTV

A large percentage of the toilet drainage system is underneath the ground. This means that CCTV drain cameras will be required to locate the blockage. We have a modern CCTV system that always assists us in identifying the specific blockage position when we arrive at the site. The idea here is to analyze the nature of the blockage, including what has caused the toilet to block.

Clearing The Toilet Block

Our specialists will go right into the unblocking process after discovering the location of the blockage and what led to the problem. In this case, our team may opt to use the water jet baster to dislodge the blockage or use the best chemicals for the same purpose. It depends on the nature of the blockage when it comes to choosing the most appropriate approach.

Drain Repair

Our experts go a step further to make the necessary repairs, especially if there were deformities and breakages that took place. We are competent enough to easily, quickly, and effectively repair any damage in the drainage system.

Why Choose Drain Pros For Your Blocked Toilets?

Drain pros have some of the most appealing qualities, which have enabled the company to shine above the competitors. Among the key reasons why you should choose us to include:


We have a strong policy of hiring only the most qualified plumbers as part of our team. They have always exhibited the strongest skills in toilet unblocking services. In essence, our team understands the best approach to every situation.


Another strength that we take pride in is the long experience that our team has acquired over the period it has been offering toilet unblocking services. We understand what must be done and how each problem should be handled based on our previous operations.

Friendly Terms of Service

We stand as the only company in Sydney whose terms of service in plumbing remain friendly for all. We offer the friendliest quotes on all our services for maximum affordability.

How Do Drain Pros Unblock Toilets?

Drain Pros has been keen on developing and practicing toilet unblocking methods that have always worked in any situation. Coupled with adequate experience, our team ensures that you get the right solution to your blocked toilet. Among the key methods used include:

CCTV Toilet Drainage Inspection Sydney

The idea of using CCTV drain cameras is to locate the point of blockage and to help understand the kind of blockage. Our team has the best quality HD CCTV drain cameras that provide a very clear image of the inside of the drain pipe. Camera inspections make it easy to remove the blockage.

Jet Blasting Services

This has been among the most effective toilet unblocking methods that Drain Pros use. In this case, experts identify the clogged point in the drainage system, after which an industry-grade jet is inserted hence blasting the clogged point with high water pressure. A special hose is used to ensure adequate pressure is exerted on the blocked section of the toilet drainage system. It takes a significantly short time to unclog the toilet using the jet blasting strategy.

What Are The Common Blocked Toilet Causes In Sydney

In most cases, toilets blockages are caused by things we do in our homes. So most of these causes can be prevented, which can significantly reduce the cases of toilet blocking. Here are the main causes of toilet blockage in Sydney:
Most people do not realize that wet wipes are made of fabric, not paper. This means that wet wipes cannot be dissolved in water, hence can lead to major blockage of toilet drainage.
Feminine hygiene products such as tampons and sanitary towels cannot be dissolved in water. Depositing such in the toilet will automatically lead to blockage.
It is recommended that toilet paper should be used in toilets. However, excessive deposits of toilet paper lead to blockage. It is therefore important to use toilet paper in moderation.
Children’s toys may accidentally fall into the toilet and run into the drainage system. In most cases, toys can hardly go all the way to the septic without causing a blockage, especially at bent points of the drainage system.
Tree roots naturally grow and may at times stumble on the toilet drainage pipes. Some of the pipes may break while others may bend hence limiting the flow of waste down the drain.
Other sanitary items may include soap, wash towels, and washlets among others. Such items cannot be flushed, hence will only culminate in blockage of the toilet drainage system.

Drain Pros are The Experts When It Comes to Unblocking Toilets Throughout Sydney

There is no doubt that Drain Pros has made a permanent mark in Sydney as the most reliable and professional toilet unblocking company. We have the most competent experts ready to traverse all across Sydney to offer long-lasting solutions to blocked toilet problems.

Our Customers Love Our Service

Drain Pros has a significant reputation in plumbing and toilet unblocking services. We have been in the industry for a long time, with our services proving to be 100% satisfactory. All our customers are assured of nothing but the very best experience with our team.

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Wide Range of Drainage Services Sydney

Our company does not only specialize in toilet unblocking only. We offer extensive unblocking systems for; sinks, bathtubs, showers, stormwater, floor drains, and general plumbing, among others. We have enough experts in each area to meet the needs of our clients.

What Toilet Parts That Might Need Fixing

Among the common toilet drainage parts that might need fixing include:

Water Inlet Pipes

These are the pipes that deliver water into the toilet. Fixing is needed to ensure that enough water reaches the toilet for flushing.

Flapper Valve

This is the rubber part located at the bottom of the cistern meant to regulate the amount of water getting into the toilet bowls. Fixing such works in preventing toilet leaks which might eventually cause flooding.

Flush Pipe Rubbers

These are the rubbers meant to prevent any leakage from the pipe connection along the system. Failed flush pipe rubbers are likely to cause inconveniences in water flow in the toilet.

Ball Valve

This valve is responsible for the ballcock's floating, allowing water in the toilet bowl and regulating the levels. It is important to fix the valve for an effective water supply into the toilet.

Flushing Base Rubbers

This is also an integral part of the toilet system, enabling the easy flow of water while preventing leakages. It works in regulating rising water levels in the toilet.

Your Local Sydney Plumber: Professional Blocked Toilet repairs

Drain Pros is Sydney’s most reputable and reliable blocked toilet service provider. We have the best trained and equipped team of drain specialists who provides lasting solutions to your blocked toilet repair services. We have always upheld maximum professionalism in delivering all our services, and we have a proven track record. Give us a call today!

Toilet Repairs Plumbers: 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We have never taken any chances but always provide maximum satisfaction to our customers. We believe in delivering beyond the expectations of any customer. We promise services that provide a 100% money-back guarantee.

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