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Drain Replacement

Looking for residential or commercial drainage system replacement specialists? Give Drain Pros a call. We are an all-inclusive drainage services provider operating in Sydney and all its suburbs. We provide professional sewer replacement services anywhere across Sydney. All you need is to reach out to our team, and we will ensure timely, professional and affordable drainage system replacement services. Feel free to call us today!

When is Drain Pipe Replacement Required?

This is one thing that most people get wrong. Drain pipe replacement means that the entire drain pipe must be replaced with a new one. Drain pipe replacement is highly recommended in instances where the drain pipe is badly damaged beyond repair. For instance, a broken or perforated drain pipe should be replaced.

The other time that drain pipes can be replaced is due to old age. Once the drain pipes have been used for decades or their lifespan is reached, the only way to avoid blockages is by replacing them. However, an assessment is needed to establish if replacement is required.

Causes of Sewer Line & Water Pipe Damage

Essentially, any damage that affects the drain pipes is mostly a result of human practices that affect the flow of waste in some way. It is, however, notable that some natural occurrences can as well lead to intense damage to the drain pipes. Here are among the core causes of sewer line and water pipe damage:
It is natural for tree roots to grow with time, but that can lead to some serious damage to the drain pipes, especially when the roots cross paths with the waste pipes. Roots can cause pipe deformations and even breakage.
Corrosion is cost by chemicals that reacts with the drain pipe’s material. Corroded pipes become the best places for the blockages to build up. Corrosion eats away at the pipes and makes them weak. Corroded pipes, therefore, are subject to damage as time passes.
Wear and tear are more prevalent for pipes that have been in place for a long time without replacement. Old age, therefore, is considered the main instigator of damage to pipes. That is why replacement is recommended.
For sewer and water pipes to last for a long time without any deformations, the installation work must be done properly. Major damages to pipes may emerge as a result of poor installation.
Physical obstructions such as gravel, and soil, among others, may form blockages on the drain pipes. In other cases, the said obstructions may exert pressure on pipe walls, hence eventually causing damage.
Grease, oil, and fat may fail to go down the drain, especially when subjected to cold temperatures. The solidified grease usually forms some of the most stubborn clogs, which can cause damage to the drain pipes.
A lot of leaves and debris may find their way through the drain pipes, especially when carried by rainwater. Prolonged accumulation of such substances culminates in major damage to the pipes.
Wet wipes and sanitary products cannot dissolve in water. This means that disposal of such substances through the drain pipes will lead to clogging and subsequent damage.
Mud can be in the form of firm formation of wet soil, which may be hard to dismantle. Therefore, if such substances find their way into the drain pipe, they will definitely cause a blockage.
Most people drop their hard in the bathroom or sink when shaving. Hair may also fall off when taking a shower. Hair can build up and eventually create stubborn blockages, which damage the pipes.
Rubbish disposal should be done in the bins and not the drain pipes. This is because drain pipes easy develop damage following the accumulation of rubbish along the drain channel.

Signs of Drain Pipe Damage

Be on the lookout for these and other signs since they are an indication that your drain pipes are damaged:

Sewage Backups and Blockages

Have you noticed sewage backups and recurring blockages in your residence? If that is the case, then it is the right time to look for professional help in Sydney. Backups and blockages along the sewer line are an indication of damaged pipes.

Sewer Gas Odor

Bad odour oozing from the drain pipes is an indication of blockage, which may be a result of damaged pipes. It would therefore be wise to quickly contact Drain Pros to assist with drain pipe replacement.

Mould Problem

In a majority of cases, mould forms in dump places where water or wet waste stagnates. Therefore, bad odour from the drain pipes signifies possible damage to the pipes, hence the limited flow of water and waste.

Slow Drainage

You might have realised that water or waste flow in your drainage is slower than usual. This could be a result of some underlying blockages. It is possible that the pipes are damaged, hence limiting the flow of water or waste.

Indentation in Lawn or Under pavers

Many Sydney residents can confirm that indentation on lawns and under pavers is one of the common issues they face. What most do not realise is that it is a sign of damage along the drain pipes, which essentially limits free flow of waste or water.

Foundation Cracks, Settlement, and Sinkholes

Notably, broken or damaged drain pipes tend to make the ground uneven. This is why you might have noticed some foundation cracks, settlements, and sinkholes in your residence. This should be an indication of some pipe damages.

Septic Waste Pooling In Yard

In case you notice some pooling waste around your yard, then there is the likelihood that the flow of waste to the septic tank has been interrupted. Sometimes it can be identified by a bad odour, greener patches on the yard or just pooling water.

Changes on The Lawn/Garden Outside

There are cases where you might notice changes in the lawn colour. In other cases, the lawn may gradually turn dumpy and wet or greener patches. These are an indication of damages to the drain/sewer pipes underneath.

Insect Infestation

Decomposing waste and wetness tend to provide breeding grounds for insects. For instance, mosquitoes thrive more in wet areas. Insect infestation can be used as an indicator of major damage to the drain pipes.

Drain Pros Approach To Drain Replacement

Traditional Sewer Line Replacement: Open Trench

In this case, professionals at Drain Pros use the traditional approach, which entails digging up damaged drain pipes and doing the necessary replacement. In this case, excavation is necessary. The procedure may be time-consuming though effective. It is the best approach when the pipes are badly damaged.

Trenchless Pipe Repairs

These are the pipe replacement methods that do not necessarily require digging out of the pipes. They include:

A Cure-in-Place (CIPP) Method

In this case, fibreglass is inserted into the damaged pipe to form an inner lining. The fibreglass is more of a reinforcement that repairs the damaged pipes by sealing the open perforations.

Pipe Bursting

This method entails breaking apart the sewer line with the help of a bursting head. Two holes are dug at each side of the pipe to allow easy access to the underlying sewer line. The broken pipe fragments are pushed away and replaced with a new pipe with the help of the bursting head.

Directional Drilling

In this case, a new tunnel is dug beneath the existing sewer line. This works by removing dirt and debris from the tunnel, which could be causing damage. After that, a new pipe is inserted and linked to the existing pipe network.


This method works by insertion of a new pipe system into an existing line. This can be achieved either by pushing or pulling. The manner in which the new pipe is inserted depends on the length and the material used in making the pipes.

Fold and Formed Pipe

This method works by folding the old pipe and then allowing a new pipe to be inserted along. In other words, the old pipe paves the way for the new one through folding.


The coating method works ideally for manholes, whereby the idea is to mitigate any form of leakages that may be a result of pipe damages. Cement and Polymer coatings are considered best in this case.

The Drain Pros Approach to Diagnosing Drain Problems

We have a highly definitive approach that ensures effective drain pipe replacement. This is how Drain Pros works:

Contact Drain Pros To Schedule A Call Out and Quote

Begin by reaching out to our able team of drain specialists and book our services. We will develop a quote for you, after which a date will be scheduled for the task.


After arriving at the site, our professionals will undertake the necessary diagnosis in order to establish the extent of the damage and if there are some other underlying issues. We use modern CCTV drain inspection technology for the effective diagnosis of the underlying problem.


Upon identifying the underlying problem, our team will go ahead and consult with the client, particularly based on the findings from the diagnosis. We will even provide you with professional advice on the best approach to handling the issue.


Now that we have successfully assessed the issue at hand, the remaining bit will be scheduling the repair and replacement session. Drain Pros will be at your fully disposal; hence you are the one to decide on the ideal time for pipe replacement.

Drain Pros offers Emergency Drain Replacement For Homes Throughout Sydney

Drain Pros ranks high as the leading drain replacement specialist for both residential and commercial properties in Sydney. We believe in integrity, quality, and value, which is why we always offer exceptional services. You can place your call and reach our experts any time of the day and night. We offer 24/7 emergency drain replacement services to everyone, irrespective of their location within Sydney. Call us today for all your emergency drain replacement services!

Areas in Sydney That Drain Pros Services

Sydney CBD

With so many residents experiencing challenges with their drainage systems in Sydney CBD, we are here to ensure that you get the right solution at the right time. All you need is to call out offices, and we will be on the ground to establish a long-lasting solution for you.

West Sydney

Do not look further beyond West Sydney since the all-inclusive drain replacement service provider is right here with you. Drain Pros will offer the most reliable services for a long-lasting solution.

Inner West

People of the Inner West are not left behind either. Drain Pros has already proven to be a world-class company in offering drain replacement solutions across Inner West. Call us now!

Eastern Suburbs

When drain replacement emergencies hit, be quick to call Drain Pros. We have all it takes to address your issue in just a short moment at any time.

Northern Suburbs

We are just a short call away, and your drain replacement problems in Northern Suburbs will get the best solution. We have experienced and professional plumbers for any task.

North Shore

Drain Pros is the only award-winning company certified to offer the most competent and most reliable drain replacement services in North Shore. Do not wait for long. Ask for help from Drain Pros now.

Sutherland Shire

Whether complete replacement or just repairs, Drain Pros is the perfect match for you. We will go to any length to ensure you have all your drainage problems addressed quickly and reliably.

St. George

Get instant drain replacement services all across St. George. We are Drain Pros- The best company in St. George.

Hills District

Let your drainage problems end today with the most reliable services from Drain Pros. No need to face recurring challenges when Drain Pros are at your full disposal.

Look no further if you are looking for drain replacement specialists in Sydney. Call Drain Pros now and get a prompt response. We are fully qualified to help with any of your drain replacement issues and many more. Call us now!


Frequently Asked Questions

Insurance coverage, in this case, depends on the terms and provisions of the insurance policy. It also depends on the insurance company involved.
The main danger associated with leaking or damaged sewer pipe is associated with health and hygiene. Some of the killer diseases are associated with waste disposal and management.
New pipes may last for years depending on the material used in making them and the type of waste it disposes of.