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If you have problems with your drainage system, you need to find a drain specialist for repair services. Drain Pros is ranked among the best drain repair companies in Sydney. Our focus is to ensure that all your drain blockage issues are addressed fully and at an affordable cost. We have invested in the most advanced drainage tools and equipment, and our drain specialists are highly trained and experienced. So with Drain Pros in Sydney, the quality of drain repair services is a guarantee.

What You Can Expect From Us

Professionalism Above All Else

Our core value is absolute professionalism. We take high pride in ensuring that all our clients are treated professionally and with the highest degree of integrity. Our workmanship is fully characterized by quality and nothing less.

Honest Upfront Pricing

We believe in absolute transparency when offering our pricing quotes to all clients. All customers are provided with price quotes upfront, and we don’t have hidden charges. This ensures that our customers can just relax, knowing they won’t be asked to dig deeper into their pockets.

On-Time Delivery

We understand the inconveniences that come with drain problems. That’s why one of the things we’ve worked on is the timely delivery of drain repairs. On-time delivery of drain services is what we offer the Sydney community. Call us today!

Quality Workmanship Guarantee for Our Customers

We provide a 100% guarantee of absolute quality on all our services. Drain Pros is purely focused on providing maximum satisfaction to all clients, irrespective of how intense their problems may be.

The Leading Cause of Damaged Drains In Sydney

If you are experiencing damage to your drain, it is probably caused by one of the following reasons:
A combination of soil and water can lead to the formation of thick mud deposits in the drains. This means that blockage will eventually occur when the accumulated mud completely blocks the waste flow.
It is natural for tree roots to take different directions during the growth process. Roots, therefore, may stumble into the drain pipes hence eventually causing some serious blockage. Sometimes the roots cause cracks on the pipes to the extent of penetration into the drainage channel. This eventually causes blockage.
Grease, fats, and oil are common causes of blockages of the sink drains. Deposits of such substances into the drain system eventually culminate in blockage, especially when coupled with other substances such as hair.
In most cases, floodwater drainage systems become subject to blockage as a result of debris and leave deposits. Continued accumulation of such may build up large volumes of substances, hence causing a permanent blockage.
It is important to be careful with the manner in which your rubbish is disposed of in your compound. Some of the rubbish might find its way into the drainage system and create blockages. The stormwater drainage is the most affected by the rubbish.
Most people have the tendency to deposit hair into their drainage systems, especially in bathrooms, sinks, and toilets drainage systems. This eventually creates a clog, especially when coupled with sticky substances such as grease.
Wet wipes, sanitary towels, and tampons, among other substances, are known to be major culprits that cause major blockage along drainage channels. Such elements hardly dissolve in water; hence the eventualities are serious blockage issues.

The Warning Signs To Lookout For

Most people in Sydney don’t know what to look for in damaged drains. Here are among the common signs that can tell that your drain is damaged:

Old Age

While this is not much of a sign of a blocked or damaged drain, aged drain pipes are likely to develop faults easily. It might be the right time to replace your aged drain pipes before a major problem strikes.

Consistent/Constant Blocked Drains

You might have realized that the same drain blockage problem has been recurring. Repeated sessions of blocked drains are a sign of a bigger problem existing in the drainage pipes, hence the need to ask for help.

Strange Sounds and Smells Coming From The Drainage System

In an instance where food scraps, grease, leaves, or any other decomposable item remains in the drainage system for a long time, a foul smell is bound to emerge. If that is the case, then you should consider asking for assistance from Drain Pros.

Soil Changes in The Garden

In most cases, damaged drains can lead to changes in your garden soil. It may be an issue of blockage if you notice some strange dampness in the garden, even during the dry season. Seeing fertile spots in your yard is a sign of a damaged drain.

Water Fixture Clogs

Another sign is the clogging of your water fixtures. If you notice persistent clogs in your taps, showerheads, and so on, there are high chances that your drain is damaged. You need to call an expert to fix it.

Discolored Water

Another sign of blocked drains is the production of discolored water. This is usually caused by soil and silt entering the drain system.

The Low Down on Drain Pros Damaged Drain Repair Solutions

The cardinal principle that guides Drain Pros is the need to provide a lasting solution. That is why we have an articulate process of unblocking the drain as follows:

Thorough Inspection of The Property

The primary step is to ensure that a thorough inspection of the property is conducted with the intention of identifying the main problem and establishing a prospective solution.

CCTV Drain Inspection and Diagnosis

We have the best quality CCTV camera systems that assist our professional team in locating faults in the pipes or drain system.

Pipe Replacement and Patching

Based on the underlying issue in the drain system, our expert can consider replacing the pipes fully or patching to remedy the problem. The process may include digging out underground or hidden pipes.

Pipe Relining

If the pipe has been deformed from external forces or has holes that allow the soil to enter the drainage pipe, our Drain Pro experts will reline and extend its lifespan by over 5 decades. We’ve a vast experience in relining services.

Some At-Home Tips To Help Prolong The Life and Functionality of Your Drain System

You can address and avoid the recurring drain issues in your home by applying the following tips:

Never Use Your Drains As A Bin

The greatest mistake you can commit is to dispose of substances into your drain system, assuming that they will easily pass through. You must avoid such a practice by all means. Dispose of food scraps, sanitary items, and such in bins always.

Cover Your Drains with A Drain Cover

Sometimes solid substances may mistakenly fall into the drain systems. Therefore, it is recommended that you use a drain cover on the drainage openings to limit the flow of solid substances into the drain pipes.

Wash Pets Outside

If you have the tendency to wash your pets in the bathroom, then the highest likelihood is that you will experience a blockage. It is recommended that you wash your pets outside.

Avoid Pouring Grease or Oil Down The Drains

Grease and oil make the core culprits in causing drain blockage in Sydney. Make sure that grease and oil are disposed of in containers and bins and not through the drain system.

Be Mindful of Using Store-bought Drain Cleaners

Store-bought drain cleaners may cause more damage than good to your drain system. Look for professionally recommended and approved drain cleaners instead to avoid health hazards and environmental harm.

If You Suspect Clogged Drain, Contact A Professional Straight Away

Drain Pros are just a simple call away anywhere in Sydney. Any suspicion about a clogged drain should be reported to an expert immediately before the situation aggravates.

The Risks of Leaving Your Blocked or Damages Drains Untreated

Health Risks

Mold and bacteria overgrowth in drain systems is likely to jeopardize your health hence the need to treat blocked drains immediately.

Structural Damages

Prolonged dampness on your walls due to blockages can cause structural damage to your home or property, hence posing harm to occupants.

Do not put off the move to look for a professional drainage unlocking company today.

Reach out to one of our experts at Drain Pros and discuss your situation. You will be provided with professional advice on the next steps to make. Drain Pros are available 24/7 for maximum convenience.


Frequently Asked Questions

Pipe relining is the process of resuming a deformed pipe to its original shape while applying an inner glass lining to seal any existing breakages.
Both the tenants and landlords are responsible for drain blockage in Sydney. Tenants contribute largely because they occupy the residents and use the drain systems. Landlords, on the other hand, are expected to act swiftly to blockage issues reported by tenants by reaching out to drain specialists.