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Blocked drains are some of the most frustrating plumbing experiences you can ever face.

It is such instances that end up compromising hygiene in your house as well as causing you unnecessary inconveniences. Seeking specialists’ intervention is highly recommended whenever you experience blocked drains.

At Drain Pros, we are one of the most reliable drain specialists that can address all your blocked drain problems in Sydney. We’ve been serving the Sydney community for some time now and we boast on being one of the highly rated drain specialists in this region.

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At Drain Pros, we are leaders in providing blocked drain solutions in Sydney. The company consistently and professionally offered the best services to its clients irrespective of how big or small the drainage blockage is. If you are facing some challenges in unblocking drains, calling Drain Pros would be the best idea. There is absolutely no need to wait longer. The Drain Pros specialists are ready to accord the most professional services with a 100% guarantee of effectiveness anywhere in Sydney. Call us now!

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Drain Pros is ranked top among the leading blocked drain specialist in Sydney.

We handle blocked drains both in residential and commercial properties. The quality of our services is reflected by the excellent rating we have gotten from our customers. So choosing Drain Pros to fix your blocked drain in Sydney is the best decision.

Here are among the prime reasons why you should choose Drain Pros:


Drain Pros is made of a team of professional plumbers. The company strictly hires highly trained individuals to ensure that quality services and that our customers’ expectations are surpassed. We uphold integrity in our service delivery as well as ensure quality workmanship.


Drain Pros is among the Sydney plumbing companies that have been in existence for a long period. We have handled many drain blockage-related issues for different customers. It is through the prolonged period of service delivery that the company has managed to develop a highly experienced team of plumbers. Our drain specialists have decades of combined experience, which has enabled us to provide services of unmatched quality.

Prompt Response

We understand that some drain blockage situations cannot wait since things can turn messy. Inconveniences and damages can cost thousands of dollars. This is why our team is always alert to respond to your call promptly. We take the shortest time to reach you in any location across Sydney for the sake of mitigating the potential damage that comes with blocked drains. We are just a call away.

Best Tools and Equipment

The truth is that blocked drains come in different forms and magnitudes. However, the most important thing after the skills and experiences is the tools and equipment used. Drain Pros has invested in the most advanced tools and equipment in Sydney. We can boldly confirm that any form of blockage can be effectively addressed by our team, based on the quality of our tools and equipment, coupled with professionalism. We are the solution to any drain blockage irrespective of how small or big it might be.

Best Rates

Drain Pros has been ranked as one of the best plumbing companies In Sydney in teams of reliability, and affordability of blocked drain services. We are budget-friendly when it comes to drainage services in this region. With us, you won’t feel the pinch because of our friendly rates. Drain Pros is open for custom offers, to facilitate accommodation for all clients. We believe in reliable and effective services for all, hence our prices are some of the most affordable.

Money-Back Guarantee

We believe that our customers deserve the best and that is why we guarantee absolute value for money. Our team has always ensured that a long-lasting solution is served to all clients. Therefore, you can be assured that every penny paid for our services will be reverted through the best and incomparable services.

Blocked Drains Come In Many Different Forms

Drain Pros have had the privilege of successfully handling different forms of drain blockages since inception. While most people think of blocked drains as a problem that affects toilets alone, the truth is that there are many forms that can cause you even more frustration. The following are the different forms of blocked drains you should know:
In this case, blocked drains are associated with the main pipes that lead liquid waste to the septic tanks. Such blockage comes as a result of the continued clogging of solid materials for a period of time. Eventually, the pipes may be completely blocked hence stopping the flow of waste to the septic. Blocked drains are common forms of blockage since it mostly affects the larger drainage system. It takes an expert’s intervention to handle blocked drains.
A sewer system in any instance is prone to blockage and can lead to slow draining in the toilet. The main cause of this type of blockage is solid waste deposited in toilets. In instances where such waste accumulates along the sewer line, it becomes a challenge to flash down everything to the septic line. In other cases, external factors such as tree roots can lead to blockage of the sewer pipes. To address such an issue, the exact point of blockage must be identified. With the right equipment and tools, and with adequate knowledge, it is easy to unblock blocked sewers fast and effectively.
Imagine a situation where your house is caught up in unforeseen floods due to blockage of the stormwater drainage system. A blocked stormwater drain is one of the common problems that can be really frustrating. It gets even worse when it takes a long time before the storms are gone. In such instances, you must seek the intervention of a drain specialist to assist in unblocking the pipes. Sometimes the storms may deposit some solid materials along the drainage piles, hence making it hard for water to flow efficiently. An expert will easily identify the best approach to handle blocked stormwater.
Whether in the bathroom or in the kitchen, sinks are prone to blockages once in a while, especially when some solid waste clogs their drainage pipes. Sometimes it might sound easy to just pick a plunger fix but some can be complicated. That’s where a drain specialist comes in. Some blocked sink drains could be a result of hairballs (a mixture of hair and soap) and can be really challenging to flash out of the drainage pipes. Sticky oil or grease can also lead to stubborn sink drain clogs, hence making it hard for water to flow through. Drain specialists can help fix all kinds of blocked sinks.
Perhaps your bathroom turns flooded as you take your shower. If that is the case, then you need to get your shower drain checked for blockage. In most cases, blockage of the bathroom shower drains comes as a result of grime, soap, hair, and other materials that goes through the drain. Have you tried over-the-counter products to unblock your bathroom shower drain with no success? Call Drain Pros today. As drain specialists, we know how to unblock the drainage and restore your blocked shower drains.
Gutters are crucial in draining water from the roof as well as harvesting rainwater. But when gutters get clogged, they can end up overflowing, hence damaging your property. The damages can cost thousands of dollars to fix. In most cases, dampness in homes has been a result of clogged and blocked gutters. Again, it is important to seek the input of a drain expert to fix your blocked gutters.

DIY Steps for Unblocking A Drain

Perhaps the blocked drain in your home is something that you can handle by yourself. Or maybe you do not wish to incur some extra costs of hiring a professional plumber to assist with the blocked drain. Either way, there are strategies you can use to unblock your drains in just a few minutes. However, if the process seems rather tedious and complicated, you can always contact Drain Pros for professional assistance.

In the meantime, here are some DIY steps for unblocking a drain:

Use A Plunger

Sometimes the blockage may be a result of light solid waste that can easily be dislodged using a plunger. It is however important to note that a plunger will mostly work for blocked sinks. All you need is to pull and push the clog by pumping the plunger on the sinkhole. Pumping severally will eventually dislodge the blockage and allow water to flash. It is recommended that plunging should be done right after noticing possible blockage. That way, you will have avoided building up a stubborn clog in your drain.

Pour Hot Water

In most cases, hot water is recommended when the drain in question has been blocked as a result of oil or grease deposits. Oil exists in both liquid and solid forms. Under low temperature, the oil turns solid, hence any deposits along the sink drain can block the flow of water. It is therefore recommended that you boil water and pour it through the drain. Doing so will liquidate oil deposits hence clearing the walls off the grease and grime material blocking the drain.

Add Some Baking Soda and Vinegar

This is another common approach used in Sydney to unblock drains. You might have realized that blockage still remains even after pouring some boiled water down the drain. If that is the case, you should put half-cup of the baking soda and leave it for approximately 20 minutes after which you can add a cup of vinegar. It is recommended that you should leave the combination to react with the blocking elements. Once you confirm that the drain is cleared, pour boiled water. Baking soda and Vinegar eat away stubborn solid materials forming the clog.

Try Using A Drain Snake

A drain snake works ideally for blockages that have proven to be stubborn even after applying hot water, baking soda, and vinegar. Drain snakes use force to dislodge blocking materials and eventually drive them down the drain. It is one of the most effective tools for stubborn drain clogs.

Call In The Experts

If you have exhausted all DIY strategies for unblocking your drain but still no positive results, you need drain specialists’ intervention. Drain Pros are the most credible, professional, and experienced experts in unblocking any of your drains. The company has all the necessary tools to ensure that your problem is solved fast and effectively. Call Drain Pros for a guarantee of quality services.

Signs It May Be Time To Call In An Expert Blocked Drain Plumber in Sydney

It is not a good idea to wait until your drain blocks for you to contact an expert. There are some common signs you must be on the lookout for, which are known to be indicators of faulty or blocked drains. The idea in checking for the said signs is that you will have the blockage addressed in time to avoid extensive inconveniences and damages. The following signs should compel you to call drain specialists here in Sydney:

Blockage in the drain occurs after the accumulation of substances that stand in the water path. This means that the speed at which the water flows may be affected by a solid blockage in the drain. You might have realized that the speed of water drainage has reduced with time. This is the primary indicator of a blockage building up. If that is the case with your drainage system, then you should be quick to contact Drain Pros and have the drainage checked.
Much of what goes down the drain is waste. A foul smell may emanate in an instance where the solid waste has accumulated for a long period of time due to decay. Note that some of the waste includes food substances that decay with time, especially when exposed to prolonged wetness. If you have noticed some foul smell coming from the sinkhole or any other part of the drainage system, call professional blocked drain specialists to remove the clog.
Normally, flowing drains are not supposed to pool, even when there are open lids. You might have realized that the drain line is pooling or letting out water on the surface. Such an instance is a result of an obstruction limiting the flow of water in the drain line. Such pooling may aggravate with time as substances gradually block the drain. Be quick to call a Sydney blocked drain specialist before the situation turns into a mess.
Toilets are designed in such a way that the flashing water allows solid waste to run down the drain. Blockage can be noticed in instances where toilet water takes longer to flow down, or when waste fails to completely drain. In other cases, the water level in the toilet may rise beyond normal, which indicates that there could be an underlying blockage limiting the flow. You need a drain expert to fix the problem.
During landscaping, the main focus is on ensuring that water flows through the drainage pipes without causing any flooding. This may however not be the case when the drainage pipes for flood water are blocked. At first, you might notice the slow flow of flood water. The situation can aggravate and lead to complete blockage. The very moment to notice the slow flow of flood water, or any form of overflowing should be the time to ask for experts’ intervention.
Drainage pipes should allow water to flow without producing any noise. If you can hear some gurgling sound when water runs down the drain or after flushing your toilet, then there is a high possibility that a blockage is building up. A gurgling sound is usually an indicator that there is an obstacle along the drainage path.

The Likely Cause of Most Blocked Drains

Blockage along the drain can begin as a minor thing and eventually aggravate into a stubborn clog.

In most cases, drain blockage can be avoided, especially by primarily identifying the prime causes. In order to prevent drain blockage, you must first identify the potential causes.

Below is a list of the common causes of drain blockage:

Cause of Blocked Drains-icon-img (1)

Foreign Objects

There are cases where some ‘foreign’ objects may fall into the drainage systems by mistake. For instance, toothbrushes, toys, stones, and plastic bottles can fall into the drainage system and lead to massive blockage. In most cases, floodwater blockage is associated with deposits of foreign objects into the pipes. Some of the said objects may be too large to cause a complete or partial blockage. Either way, it is important to be careful not to allow foreign objects into the drainage systems since that will eventually culminate in a blockage.

Cause of Blocked Drains-icon-img (2)

Wet Wipes

Most people have the tendency of mistaking the composure of wet wipes and that of tissue paper or serviettes. While tissue paper and serviettes can easily break down when put in water, wet wipes on the other hand are not. In fact, wet wipes are more of a fabric than papers. This means that continued disposal of wet wipes into the drainage channel will eventually lead to blockage. A majority of toilet blockage cases are associated with the disposal of wet wipes into the drainage pipes. Therefore, you should avoid disposing of wet wipes in the drains and more so flushing down the toilet drain.

Cause of Blocked Drains-icon-img (3)

Toilet Paper

It is true that manufacturers design tissue papers in a manner that they can dissolve into water easily. However, this is not always the case, especially when a huge volume of tissue paper is deposited in the drainage channel. Too much tissue paper is likely to overload the drainage, especially when there is a low supply of water. In this case, it is recommended that toilet paper should be used in moderation to avoid blocking the sewer system. Alternatively, you should ensure that enough water is poured down the drain to avoid tissue paper clogs.

Cause of Blocked Drains-icon-img (4)

Hair Build-up

Notably, hair is considered one of the major complements of common clogs in the drainage, especially bathroom sinks and show drains. It is important to note that hair blends well with grease, oil, or any other sticky substances or hairballs that eventually create stubborn clogs. Alot of hair drops when taking shower. The best way of avoiding such blockage is by preventing hair from entering the drainage path. Some sink guards are necessary for trapping hair and preventing it from going down the drain.

Cause of Blocked Drains-icon-img (5)

Tree Roots

It is possible for tree roots to grow along the path of the drainage pipes. If the pipes are made of PVC or plastic, then extended pressure from the tree roots will likely lead to the pipe curving inside, which strains waste flow. In some other cases, drainage pipes running underground might develop some cracks, hence allowing tree roots to grow into them. Either way, it is recommended that you avoid planting trees along a waste drainage path. It would be important to contact a drain expert if you think tree roots are causing your drains to block.

Cause of Blocked Drains-icon-img (6)

Food Scraps

Most people in Sydney have the tendency of placing dishes into the sink without first removing food scraps. While some of the food scraps may easily flow through the drainage pipes, others are stubborn and hence can lead to blockage. Continued deposits of food scraps through the sink will lead to major blockage of the drain. It is important to ensure that all food scraps on the dishes are wiped off before washing.

Cause of Blocked Drains-icon-img (7)

Grease Build-Up

Some of the household items used on a daily basis are made of grease and fat, including soap. Notably, when grease combines with minerals in the water, a hard residue is formed. The said substance gradually build-up and turns into a clog along the pipe fittings. You can avoid such clogs by using grease-free washing substances and grease traps.

Cause of Blocked Drains-icon-img (8)

Broken Pipes

Broken pipes are associated with blockage of drains due to the deformities that affect the flow of water. In some other cases, broken pipes allow entry of substances that eventually lead to blockage. Soil might find its way into the drain pipe and cause stubborn clogs. This is usually the case in underground drainage systems, where soil and gravel deposits may disrupt the flow of waste. It is therefore important to ensure that the necessary inspection is done and repairs conducted to facilitate an easy and uninterrupted flow of waste through the drainage pipes.

Methods Drain Pros Uses To Unblock Drains

Based on the high degree of professionalism and experience, Drain Pros have identified assorted approaches to handling drainage issues facing the people of Sydney. It is notable that different forms of blockage require different approaches, tools and equipment. The company, therefore, seeks the easiest and the most effective approach to handling blockage issues, depending on the situation at hand.

The following are the core methods that Drain Pros uses in unblocking drains across Sydney:

In most cases, blockage along the drain leads to slow movement of water. That is why drain blockage develops gradually and eventually culminates into no flow at all. One of the most practical ways of eliminating blockage in the drain is by using high-pressure water to clean up the clog. Jet blasting is all about subjecting the blocked pipes to high-pressure water enough to dislodge clogs. In most cases, Jet Blasting is considered the fastest approach to addressing blockage issues. It is however recommended that Jet blasting should be used in instances where the drainage channel is not too lengthy. The idea here is to access the blocked point with ease and apply the necessary pressure to unblock it.
This is yet another approach to unblocking drains as applied by Drain Pros in Sydney. The idea, in this case, is to use an electric snake-like device in unblocking the drainage system. The electric eel comprises a coiled metallic wire that mechanically rotates as it penetrates through the clogged parts of the drainage system. The idea here is to declutter the clogs into small parts that can be flushed down the drain. It is highly recommended that electric eel should be used in small drainage systems, especially those that require some repairs. Note that some of the clogs end up turning into semi-rigid substances, hence they might cause damage to the pipes when removed. In the interest of rectifying the damages, an electric eel can be used to first eliminate the clog after which repairs are conducted.
Chemical treatment is among the most effective ways of unblocking drains in Sydney. In this case, chemicals are used to generate a reaction that either disintegrates the stubborn substances blocking the drainage or totally dissolves specific elements. In some cases, chemicals are used to discourage the growth of roots into the drainage channel, which can otherwise lead to stubborn blockage. Either way, chemicals are considered effective in addressing advanced cases of clogging. However, it is recommended that chemicals should be used responsibly even as they are considered effective. Drain Pros practices responsible usage of chemicals to ensure that no adverse environmental effects emerge as a result. It is also notable that the use of chemicals in a DIY process is also practised in Sydney, particularly when Vinegar and Baking soda are used. In the interest of safeguarding the environment, Drain Pros recommends that you should use such chemicals responsibly.
Plunging is one of the old ways of clearing clogs and is still a very effective approach even to date. Drain Pros does not disregard plunging as a way of handling clogs. In fact, it is one of the common methods used in handling blocked sinks and bathtubs. The good thing about plunging is that it is simple and practical, even if you are not an expert. That is why it is recommended as a DIY approach to handling blockage on drains. The idea here is to thoroughly and repeatedly pump through the sinkhole to dislodge the clog. You will be amazed at how effective the approach can be. However, plunging may not work for long drainage systems since the amount of pressure generated may not be adequate. That is why it is recommended for minor blockage issues such as sinks.

Permanent Blocked Drain Repairs in Sydney

While a majority of blocked drains can be unblocked, there are other instances where the damages are rather too extensive. These blockages turn out permanent and thus their approach is different.

In such a case, permanent blocked drain repair is necessary to keep your drain working. It is important to primarily assess the extent to which blockage has taken place. If the blockage cannot be cleared, Drain Pros technicians will provide a lasting solution. We have the most reliable and effective methods of ensuring that permanently blocked drains are repaired accordingly. There are two main methods that Drain Pros use in repairing permanently blocked drains:

Pipe Relining

Pipe relining has been ranked as one of the most effective and most reliable methods of addressing permanent blockage on drains. It is important to note that some drainage pipes exist underneath concrete, buildings, and other structures. Digging out such pipes can be costly and inconvenient in different ways. This leaves experts with the option to utilize pipe relining. In this case, two-part epoxy is pulled through the pipe underneath, in such a way that hard fibreglass is left as a lining for the drainage pipe. The fibreglass used in this case is designed to not only keep the pipe in alignment but to also limit and prevent penetration of roots into the drainage path.

One of the prime benefits of pipe relining is it extends the span of drainage pipes by over 50 years before another replacement can be considered. This implies that the cost of regular repair on the drainage system is reduced to zero. Additionally, pipe relining is ideal for broken pipes due to the application of fibreglass. Therefore, it is not necessary to dig out the broken pipes for replacement, since relining can address the issue effectively.

Pipe Replacement

This is yet another approach that has been deemed effective in addressing drain blockage issues in Sydney. Notably, not all drainage pipes are beneath semi-permanent and permanent structures. This means that permanently blocked drain can be addressed through replacement. In this case, the old, broken, and blocked pipes can be unearthed and replaced with new ones. A good example where this approach can be used is when handling permanent blockage on floodwater drainage systems. Similarly, sink pipes can be replaced if the current ones are permanently blocked. In essence, pipe replacement is the best resort in cases where there are minimal barriers.

The process may not be cost-effective, though, especially when barriers have to be eliminated to give way for pipe replacement.

Steps To Prevent Blocked Drains Once They Are Fixed

Now that you have managed to have your blocked drains fixed, it is now time to take extra measures to avoid blockages in the near future.

Sometimes blockages may be inevitable but it should take a reasonable time before you experience one. With the right strategies, you do not have to worry about blockages in the future.

Here are some important steps you can take to prevent blocked drains once they are fixed:

One of the main causes of drain blockage is continued deposits of debris and food scraps that go through the sinkhole into the pipes. The more deposits going down the drain, the higher the likelihood of permanent blockage of your drains. One of the recommended ways of preventing blockage of your drains is by installing sink strainers. Essentially, sink strainers are perforated metal sieves or mesh, meant to withhold large particles of debris while letting water pass through. Installing a sink strainer will allow you to dispose of food scraps and debris easily, without letting them through the sinkholes. You can get different sink strainers with different sizes of perforations to enable you to prevent the entry of any form of particles into the sink.
Oil and grease are the main culprits in causing blockages in the drains. This is why you are advised to avoid pouring such into the drainage system. If washing oily dishes in the sink, make sure that hot water is used. That way, any greasy and oily substances will melt away through the drainage.
It is important to note that not everything substance can go through the toilet drainage after flushing. You must be careful not to flush substances that will lead to blockage. For instance, wet wipes are not friendly to any drainage system, and hence should not be flushed down the toilet. Toilet paper can overload the drainage system when in large amounts, hence should be used moderately.

You do not have to wait until your toilet blocks for you to embark on maintenance exercise. To avoid drain blockage after fixing, you can use a Jet Blaster to force any accumulating substances through the drainage channel into the septic. That way, you will have mitigated chances of aggravated blockage on your drain. It might be a good idea to get a professional Sydney blocked drain specialist to assist with the jet blasting process.

Drain Pros is the most ideal company to assist you with the said maintenance procedure. Aside from using a jet blaster, you can also use a plunger regularly especially when you notice some unpleasant odour coming from the sinks. The idea is to reduce the chances of accumulated clog.

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If you are in Sydney CBD and struggling with drain blockage, Drain Pros is the company to seek. Our services go beyond the expectations of any client. We are committed to ensuring that you are served diligently and that your frustrations are addressed fully. Contact Drain Pros today and get exceptional offers any time, any day. We are delighted to serve to maximum satisfaction for all. Our team is just a call away and all your troubles will be amply handled.

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Are you looking for the most competent and professional plumber to handle your drain blockage? Look no further. Drain Pros boasts of a long experience in unblocking drains. We stand as the top-rated plumbing service provider in Eastern Suburbs and beyond. We believe that all our customers deserve world-class services, and that is exactly what you will get once you engage our experts. It is an honour to interact with you. Book our services now and get the best experience ever.

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Stellar and excellent plumbing services are just a call away for Inner West residents courtesy of Drain Pros. We are the dominating force in town, with the best terms of service and budget-friendly offers. We handle all blockage issues to maximum satisfaction. It is our obligation to ensure that you get world-class services that cannot be offered elsewhere. You can rest assured that your problems have the best solution from the Drain Pros team.

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Think of Drain Pros any time you experience challenges with your drainage system. We are indeed the pros that will grant you a lasting solution. Our competent team is ready 24/7 to offer services even the most urgent. We remain incomparable in service delivery across St. George with the friendliest and most lenient terms of service. Book our services now. We never disappoint.

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Drain Pros goes out of its way to not only offer unblocking services for all drains but also offer lasting solutions to prevent similar occurrences in the future. We have earned the #1 position as the best-blocked drain plumber not only in Sutherland Shire but also across Sydney. Our emergency line is red hot to address any unforeseen blockage issues. We are always ready to offer you the services you deserve. Wait no more, book our services.


Frequently Asked Questions

In most cases, drains get broken due to external pressure. For example, tree roots can press the drainage pipes hence causing damage. Additionally, drains can be broken as a result of clogging and blockage that may cause drain pipes to burst. Heavy machinery can also over the drain pipes break. In other cases, drains may be broken as a result of old age, especially those made of plastic and PVC. Regular checkup is recommended for timely repair.
There are several factors that influence the amount of money spent on clearing a blocked drain. First, different unblocking methods require different tools and efforts. Additionally, the companies have different charges. Sydney has assorted companies offering drain unblocking systems with each having different price quotes. Drain Pros is one of the companies with one of the most affordable drain unblocking services in Sydney. Contact Drain Pros for fair deals across Sydney.
Use of sink strainers to prevent the entry of debris and large food particles into the drainage. You should also avoid draining grease, grime and oil through the drainage channel. Use of chemicals that can contain the growth of tree roots towards the drainage system. Regular maintenance exercises, including the use of jet blaster, and plunger among other tools. Also, be careful with the things flushed through the toilet drain including wet wipes since they can cause blockage.
One of the common signs of a blocked drain is pooling on the floor or yard. Aside from that, the gurgling sound coming from the sinkhole, toilet or any other drainage part indicates a clog building up along the drain and will eventually cause blockage. In some cases, a bad odour emanating from sinks is an indication of blockage. Following a prolonged accumulation of food crashes, the decaying process begins, hence generating bad, horrible, and unpleasant smells.
There are different ways in which you can eliminate drain blockage. The most common is the use of an electric drain snake. The drain snake works by coiling through the blocked part of the drain, hence decluttering the solid substances. Another approach to unblock the drain is by using Baking Soda and Vinegar. The said substances reach with semi-solid substances hence allowing easy flow of waste. You can also use a plunger to suck out substances blocking the drain.
The amount of time consumed in unblocking a drain depends on the tools used, the magnitude of the blockage, and the strategy used. Some of the blockage may be permanent, hence demanding more time to complete the unblocking process. Individuals without prowess and expertise in unblocking drains may take longer than experienced ones. It is therefore important to ensure that you work with the right drain specialist to save on the time consumed in the whole process.
Yes? With the best CCTV drain cameras, Drain Pros experts can provide you with a clear image of the blocked section. With modern technology, companies such as Drain Pros are able to strategically identify the exact position where the blockage occurred. This makes it easy for them to minimize the amount of time spent on repairs. The company can provide you with the CCTV images for you to know what the exact problem is.
First, you should assess the extent and magnitude of the blockage. Doing so will allow you to decide whether to use the DIY approach of unblocking or you should get an expert to assist. Seek professional assistance if you do not have an idea of how to handle the situation at hand. In case you settle for a DIY approach, then make sure that caution is practised to avoid further damage to your drainage pipes.
Blockage of drains in Sydney is attributed to the behaviours and habits of individuals, particularly in terms of the deposits they make into their drainage systems. It is therefore an individual responsibility. It is recommended that the right practices should be embarked on to ensure that no obstacles accumulate in the drainage system. Both commercial and residential properties are prone to drain blockage. Drain Pros can assist with any drain block issue.
Yes! Drain Pros operates round the clock in Sydney. You can call at any time and get the emergency drain unblocking services that you require. We ensure that services are offered round the clock as a way of accounting for emergency calls. It is true that some occurrences can be unforeseen and can be really frustrating. Drain Pros are just a call away whenever you need our services. We are available 24/7 for drain emergency services.