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Sink Unblocking In Sydney: How To Find Quality And Professional Help

Are your sinks blocked? Well, you need a drain specialist to fix the problem. Sink blockages are common here in Sydney, and they usually cause a lot of inconveniences as well as damages to the property. That’s why you should get the right drain specialist to help deal with the problem comprehensively. Finding quality and professional help is not as challenging as most people perceive. Here are the best tips to use:

Compare Existing Companies

Begin by doing a thorough research and comparison between different plumbing companies specializing in drain blockages in Sydney. Note that there are many Sydney-based establishments that purport to offer the best sink unblocking services, but only a few can meet your expectations. Make sure that you focus on the definitive traits of a professional sink unblocking company.

Check Terms of Service

Make sure that the sink unblocking company you are about to engage has the friendliest terms of service. Check if the charges are fair and within your budget.


Some cases of sink blockage cannot wait for long, hence the need to look for a company that can have your problems addressed fast. Check if the company chosen is conveniently located and that the respective services are available upon demand.

Chose Drain Pros

Out of all the many sinks unblocking specialists in Sydney, Drain Pros are ranked among the most competent and reliable across Sydney. Engaging Drain Pros means finding the best solution to your sink blockage problem.

Drain Pros Are Sink Unblocking Specialists in Sydney

Drain Pros has for the longest time been ranked among the leading plumbing companies in drain unblocking, including sink unblocking. The company provides drain unblocking services across Sydney, with the sole intention of addressing the recurring issues of sink blockages. We have the most competent and professional team, ready to offer you incomparable services. Our response is swift since we understand how critical sink blockage issues can be. Above all, we have the most advanced tools and equipment to assist in handling even the most complex sink blockage problems.

Tips To Unblock a Sink

Unblocking your sink can be either easy or challenging, depending on the approach adopted. Drain Pros technicians advocate for some simple yet effective methods of unlocking your sink. Here are the methods we use to unblock your sink:

High Pressure Water Jetting

This is one of the most recommended methods of unblocking your sink. In this case, water is directed to the sink pipes at high pressure, hence pushing down the blockage. The method is simple and fast, especially when an expert is involved.

Chemical Drain Cleaners

Technicians at Drain Pros know how to use industrial chemicals to remove the blockage in the sink drain. The industrial chemicals react with the blocking substances such as hair and food scraps, hence disintegrating them and eventually clearing the blockage. These ndustrial chemicals can be disastrous if misused, hence you might need experts to assist with the process. Drain Pros team can be of help.


The use of unblocking cables or drain snakes is one of the methods that Drain Pros uses in unblocking sinks. In this case, a metallic cable is driven into the sink pipes to dislodge the clog and eventually clear the drainage. The cable is rotated continuously until the blockage is dislodged.

We Provide Unblocking Services For Many Types of Drains Including

Drain Pro has diversified its services to help address all kinds of drain blockages in Sydney. We have focused on providing a long-term solution to all blocked drains. Among the drain unblocking services we offer include:
Because of different substances that are deposited and flushed down the toilet drain, there is a likelihood of clogs forming. You might realize that the flow of water when flushing is slow than normal. That is an indication of blockage. Call Drain Pros to fix the problem.
Just like toilets, sinks can also block due to foreign materials or even grease and grime building up on the pipe walls. Our team has the right tools and adequate experience to ensure that your blocked sink is properly fixed within a short time.
The operation of your shower may have deteriorated with time, to the extent that water hardly flows out of the showerhead. Impurities, like silt, flowing through the shower pipes are usually the main cause of blockage. Our team at Drain Pros is capacitated to unblock your shower to restore normal operations.
A blocked bathtub is something you really don’t want to experience. But if this happens or you notice slow draining of the bathtub water, seek professional help. Hair and soap are usually the major causes of bathtub blockages. Drain Pros has in the past handled similar cases, hence you can bank on our services for a lasting solution to your blocked bathtub.
Did you know that grease is associated with a majority of the drain blockage cases today? Grease is sticky in nature that sticks on the drain pipe walls. Grease and grime come to form soap and cooing oil and combines with other things such as hair and silt to form stubborn clogs. Drain Pros specialists can help fix all kinds of grease-related blockages.
Flood drains can also be messy when they get blocked. The flooding can cause structural damage to property and a lot of inconveniences. You do not have to worry anymore. Reach out to Drain Pros for professional unblocking of the floor drains.
Most Sydney residents find themselves in the main problem of flooding when heavy rains fall. This is usually because of the blocked stormwater drainage system. You do not have to struggle with such problems because, at Drain Pros, we have a lasting solution to this problem.

We Provide Emergency Unblocking Services

At Drain Pros, we understand that some drainage blockage can hit when least expected. That is why our team is always ready to offer you emergency unblocking services any time of the day and night. We are available 24/7 for all your drain unblocking emergency needs.

We Specialize In Blocked Sinks

Out of the many drain blockages, blocked sinks are the commonest. This is why Drain Pros has experts meant to specifically provide sink blockage services across Sydney. We understand the main causes of sink blockage; hence we will always use the right approach to have the problem solved.

How Does A Sink Become Blocked?

A sink blocks when some solid substances flow into the sink pipes. In most cases, the accumulation of food scraps, debris, grease, and hair among other things, leads to the formation of a clog, hence blocking the sink.

Unblocking The Sink Can Be A Challenging Task

It is not everyone who can effectively unblock a sink since the process can be challenging. That is why you need specialists like Drain Pros to assist with a blocked sink.

Why Choose Drain Pros Over Regular Plumbers?

Drain Pros has been operating in Sydney for a long time, hence the team is highly experienced. Professionalism is also a guarantee. We take no chance in any of your drain blockage issues. Our services are 100% guaranteed success, and that’s why we have warranties for all the unblocking services we offer.

Drain Pros is Available 24 Hours a Day with $0 Charges on Call-outs

Reach our team any time of the day and night for swift and effective plumbing services. We are always ready to respond to your call, including 24/7 emergency services. Book our services now!

Areas in Sydney Drain Pros Service

Sydney CBD

Get in touch in any place within Sydney CBD, and our experts will be ready to offer you professional services. All drainage problems in Sydney CBD have the best solutions from Drain Pros.

Northland Beaches

If you are a resident of Northern Beaches, feel free to reach out to Drain Pros for any blockage issues with your drainage. We have the most professional specialists to attend to your need with maximum guarantee for success.

Eastern Suburbs

Drain Pros is now offering plumbing services in Eastern Suburbs. Our exceptionally experienced team effectively handles all types of drainage issues. Look no further. We have all your solutions.

North Shore

Residents of North Shore are not left behind with the impeccable plumbing services from Drain Pros. Our offices are open 24 hours to facilitate quick and effective service delivery upon demand.

Inner West

Get ready for world-class plumbing services from our able Drain Pros team in Inner west. We are amply equipped with the right tools to handle any of your problems. No blockage issue is too complex for our team to handle.

St. George

Ask for emergency drain unblocking services from Drain Pros today and enjoy maximum convenience. We offer long lasting solutions to any drainage issue you could be facing.

Sutherland Shire

Grant us the opportunity to handle your drainage problems and you will never regret a thing. Our commitment goes beyond any expectations, and our services are 100% incomparable.


Frequently Asked Questions

The amount of money to pay for a blocked sink depends on the service provider and the nature of blockage. Drain Pros has the best rates.
Look for none other than Drain Pros when your sink blocks. We are always on alert to offer you incomparably professional services.
First, assess the situation to know if you can handle it. If the situation is complex, then go ahead and call Drain Pros for professional assistance.
Some blockages are less complex; hence you can easily unblock using a plunger or a drain snake. However, if it proves too challenging, call experts at Drain Pros to intervene.
You might have to check the details of your policy to know if blocked sinks are covered. Different companies provide different insurance terms.
In case you notice that your outside drain is blocked, reach out to Drain Pros immediately for assistance. Drain Pros will offer you a lasting solution.
Any blockage in your house should be treated as an emergency. If you notice that your sink is blocked, then be quick to ask for professional assistance before the problem aggravates.
Normally, commercial drainage systems are more complex as compared to residential drainage. Professional services are, however, required in unblocking both residential and commercial drainage systems.
Among the things that should not be put in the sink include; rice, grease, pasta, eggshell, coffee grounds, fruit stones, oil, bones among others.