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Blocked Stormwater

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Why Choose Drain Pros in Sydney For Your Blocked Stormwater?

Are you struggling with stormwater flooding in Sydney? It is definitely one of the most horrifying experiences, especially when it occurs during heavy rains. You might face a lot of inconveniences, and the property damages from the floods can cost thousands of dollars to fix. That’s why Drain Pros is here to offer you prompt stormwater unblocking services in Sydney. Here are reasons why choosing to work with us in Sydney is the best choice you can make:

Certified Professionals

Drain Pros is a certified and insured plumbing company that offers all plumbing services, including unblocking stormwater. We have a robust team of professionals ready to provide our customers with stellar services for a long-lasting solution.

Emergency Services

It might be a little too late to realize that your yard is already flooded. However, contacting Drain Pros to come to your rescue is not too late. We offer emergency services across Sydney to salvage situations that can be disastrous.


Our team is made of seasoned plumbers who clearly understand what unblocking stormwater entails. We have decades of combined experience. We do not gamble when offering our services. It is a sure bet.

Best rates

Our charges for plumbing services are the most lenient you can ever find in Sydney. We are friendly to all since we understand that blocked stormwater can affect just anyone irrespective of socio-economic status.

Causes of Stormwater Drain Blockage

Essentially, stormwater drain blockage occurs when some substances are carried into the drainage pipes by flood waters. In this case, these substances may include; leaves, dirt, debris, plastic, gravel, sludge, and sediment accumulation, among others. Some substances may accumulate with time, creating a permanent blockage on the drainage pipe. In most cases, lack of regular maintenance is associated with the clogging of stormwater drains.

Preventing Blocked Stormwater Drains

Drain Pros recommend that you practice the best strategies to prevent blocked stormwater before it is too late. Among the most recommended ways of preventing blocked stormwater include:

Install Gutter Guards

Gutter guards are considered best in preventing leaves from entering the gutters through the top opening. In this case, the gutter guard works as a sieve that only allows water through, not large substances such as leaves and debris. It is recommended that you install such in your drainage system.

Regular Maintenance of Stormwater Drains

You do not have to wait until the damage happens for you to embark on repairs. A simple DIY maintenance exercise is enough to keep stormwater in perfect shape. Make sure that you inspect the drainage channels and eliminate any substances accumulating. You should also ensure that cracks on the pipes are repaired accordingly.

Keep An Eye on Debris and Minor Blockage Buildup

It is always easier to eliminate small accumulations of leaves and debris on the drainage channels than to allow them to form in large volumes. Some regular inspections will always work well in ensuring good maintenance for your drainage system.

Drain Inspection Using CCTV Camera

At Drain Pros, we can help get a CCTV inspection done on your stormwater drainage system. That way, you can tell if there are blockages building in the pipe before the rain starts.

Jet Blasting

Jest blasting is not only meant to remedy the already clogged drainage. It can work ideally in maintaining the drainage channels in good conditions by flushing out substances that could accumulate along the drainage channel.

Emergency Plumbing

You might have realized that your stormwater drainage is blocked when the rains start and the yard starts flooding. If that is the case, consider asking for emergency plumbing services from Drain Pros before the situation aggravates.

Signs Your Stormwater Drain Needs The Drain Pros Specialists

Are you wondering how you can tell that your stormwater drainage system requires the intervention of a drain specialist? Here are some signs:

Leaking Gutters

Normally, water should flow smoothly through the gutters to the stormwater drainage system. Leaking gutters are an indicator that there is an existing blockage along the channel.

Damp Grounds long After Rains

You might realize that your yard has damp patches even when the rains are long gone. You might also realize some water surfacing from the ground along the drainage path or greener spots. That indicates that the drainage pipes are blocked.

Flooded Yard

The main reason for landscaping is to ensure that stormwater is effectively drained. If you still get a flooded yard, it is a sign of a blockage along the drainage line. Get it fixed immediately.

Gurgling Drainage Pipes

Have you noticed a gurgling sound coming from the point of water entry into your drainage system? If yes, then you need the services of Drain Pros. Such a sound indicates the already accumulating clog along the stormwater drain.

Contact Your Trusted Plumber When In Doubt

There is no reason why you should take a long to contact your plumber when in doubt about the condition of your stormwater drainage system. It could be a time bomb, and you could find yourself in a lot of mess for not responding in time. Drain Pros are always ready to offer you professional blocked stormwater plumbing services at any time.

We move with speed to respond to customer calls to provide the best solutions. Our professional team will assess the situation of your stormwater drainage and advise accordingly on the best solution. They will also be there to offer the respective services to curtail the drainage problem.

Sydney’s Best Blocked Stormwater Drain Solution

Drain Pros is always proud to accord clients the most reliable services in Sydney. We will be there to address the blocked stormwater drainage right in time. Our team is made of the most experienced plumbers who understand what stormwater drain blockage is all about.

We have all the necessary contemporary tools to facilitate easy and effective unblocking services. We will ensure that you get custom solutions that will provide a lasting cure to the problem. Drain Pros are undoubtedly the best solution to your blocked stormwater drainage system.

Areas In Sydney Drain Pros Services

Our services are available to almost all Sydney regions.

Sydney CBD

Drain Pros is Sydney's most established and preferable blocked stormwater drain plumbing company. Our services go beyond any other company. We are ready to address all your problems with the blocked channels and even more.

Northland Beaches

Getting your emergency drain blockage situation addressed is now just a call away. Reach out to our experienced and professional plumbers for fast and convenient services in The Northern Beaches.

Eastern Suburbs

Eastern Suburbs residents are not left behind. Drain Pros are already operating in Eastern Suburbs, where we respond to customers’ needs in a short turnaround time. Call Drain Pros any time and get the best services.

North Shore

Do not wait longer for your blocked stormwater drain to be cleared when Drain Pros are just a call away. You do not have to do it yourself. Allow the professionals at Drain Pros to address your drainage problems.

Inner West

Inner West residents have the privilege of enjoying world-class plumbing services from Drain Pros. We understand all your needs and will strive to restore your drainage system for maximum convenience.

St. George

Drain Pros are rated the best in St. George in offering blocked stormwater plumbing services. If you are looking for a professional company, then here we are. Let us handle all your blocked drainage channels for you.

Sutherland Shire

Whether urgent or not, Drain Pros will always be available for Sutherland Shire residents struggling with blocked stormwater drains. Enjoy maximum satisfaction from our professional services any day, any time.

The Drain Pros Guarantee

Drain Pros provides you with a guarantee for the best services in Sydney as far as drainage blockage is concerned. Our team is always committed to ensuring you get maximum satisfaction irrespective of the situation. We also offer a money-back guarantee for all clients. We believe in providing you with absolute value for your money any day.


Frequently Asked Questions

A blocked stormwater drain occurs when the drainage pipe for the stormwater develops a blockage inside it that blocks the smooth flow of the stormwater. In this case, the blockage may occur in different locations within the drainage channel.
Blocked stormwater drains result from the continued accumulation of substances along the drainage channel. Such substances include; leaves, debris, gravel, and debris, among others.
The first thing is to assess the situation and establish if you can handle it on your own or not. Some of the blockages can be addressed using DIY strategies. If the situation is beyond your capacity to handle, then you should consider asking for the professional help from Drain Pros.
A drain specialist! Drain Pros is one of the most reliable and professional drain specialists in Sydney. The company is just a call away and will offer you the best services with a guarantee of a lasting solution.