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Drain & Pipe Relining

When your drain gets old, and the pipes start breaking or developing perforations or holes that allow the soil to get into the drainage, then pipe relining might be the best solution. Drain Pros is the solution to your old or damaged drain pipes in Sydney. We’ve handled many drains and pipe relining tasks for residential and commercial properties. So, if you are looking for professional pipe relining services, contact Drain Pros today!

What You Can Expect From Us

At Drain Pros, drain specialists with decades of combined experience. We’ve been offering drain and pipe relining services, among many other drainage services. Here is what you can expect from us:

Professionalism Above All Else

We take pride in being one of the few drain and pipe relining companies in Sydney whose professionalism and integrity remain unmatched. We believe in operating with maximum integrity and providing our clients with the most satisfactory services a. Above all, we are great advocates and practitioners of delivering quality workmanship.

Honest Upfront Pricing

Drain Pros is here to ensure that Sydney residents are getting value for money. We will make sure that the situation at hand is assessed first and the pricing agreed beforehand by quoting upfront. Honest upfront pricing is what we offer our customers. We don't have hidden charges.

On-Time Delivery

Many are times when individuals across Sydney find themselves in emergency situations with their blocked drains. That should not be a problem, though. Our experts at Drain Pros are always on alert to offer you professional services at any time. We believe every person deserves the best and the fastest services, which is why we are ready to address your problem promptly and swiftly.

Quality Workmanship Guarantee for Our Customers

Quality has always been the primary defining trait of our services. We are the only experts in Sydney who have passed the test of time as far as offering consistent quality services is concerned. Our highly skilled, seasoned, and professional experts leave absolutely no chance when it comes to offering quality services. Therefore, expect exceptional drain and pipe relining services from us.

The Low Down On Pipe Relining

Pipe relining is essentially the process through which a deformed drain pipe is aligned into its normal form with the help of fiberglass and resin. The method is highly recommended in instances where the deformity on the drain pipes lays low down the drain, especially for underground pipes. The idea here is to avoid digging out of the pipes. Fiberglass is inserted through the drain channel to the deformed part, after which resin is applied to fix any perforations on the pipe walls.

Pipe relining is essentially trenchless, and thus there is absolutely no reason for excavation work. The amount of time that relined pipes can last depends on the expertise and precision applied in the process. It is recommended that you look for expert companies such as Drain Pros since they are capacitated to provide you with a long-term solution.

Benefits of Pipe Relining


Pipe relining is far much affordable as compared to other approaches, such as pipe replacement which may require excavation. In this case, it is a matter of inserting fiberglass through the deformed pipe, and the problem will be addressed.

Time Efficient

It takes a significantly short time for the entire process of pipe relining to be completed. In this case, you need an expert who is fully conversant with pipe relining to assist you along. Drain Pros takes the shortest time to ensure that your pipes are relined and that a solution has been reached.


Pipe relining is among the most durable solutions to any blockage issues you face. It is notable that fiberglass and resin are designed to withstand pressure and can hardly be ruined by substances passing through the pipes, including chemicals. Therefore, you can be assured of a durable solution with pipe relining. In fact, it is confirmed that pipe relining can last for 30+ years before you consider any repairs.

Reduces Environmental Impact

Pipe relining is highly friendly to the environment, which is why it is highly recommended. Note that the process does not interfere with the ground. No excavation or digging is required in this case. This makes the strategy environmentally friendly.


A good thing about pipe relining is that it works for literally any type of piping, including sewer lines, stormwater pipes, cray pipes, copper asbestos, PVC, and many more. Therefore, it is an ideal strategy for the vast majority of blockage issues at residential and commercial premises.

The Difference Between Pipe Replacement and Pipe Relining

Pipe replacement is essentially the process through which damaged pipes are removed completely and replaced with new ones. The process may involve excavation and dig in order for the respective replacement to be made. For severely damaged pipes, replacement is considered the ideal strategy.

Pipe relining, on the other hand, entails the insertion of fiberglass through the drain pipes with the intention of aligning any deformities that could be causing a blockage. The process is trenchless, and thus there is no digging or excavation required.

Drain and Pipe Relining

The first step is to identify the kind of underlying damage by using CCTV drain inspection cameras. Our team from Drain Pros Sydney has the best CCTV camera to assist you with the inspection process. Such equipment assists us to identifying the actual problem while taking the actual measurements of the pipe in readiness for repair.
At this stage, the focus is to clear the drains and ensure that the blockage is rectified. Our experts will use the most appropriate method of clearing the pipes and eliminating the clogs depending on the situation at hand.
A customized tube is inserted through the damaged pipe at this point. The idea here is to align the walls of the pipe in readiness for the respective repairing process. Note that the tube, in this case, is lined with epoxy resin on the outside.
Once the tube has been inserted to precision, inflation is done to ensure that the walls of the drain pipes are filled. In this case, epoxy and resin will stick to the interior walls of the pipe and cure. The eventuality is that the tube and the old pipes stick together to form an adequately repaired or brand new pipe.

Areas In Sydney That Drain Pros Services

Sydney CBD

Drain Pros is one of the most established companies in Sydney CBD, whose drain and pipe relining services stand out in all ways. We believe that you are in the pursuit of the best services, and that is exactly what we strive to offer.

West Sydney

No need to look for other companies to offer pipe relining services. Drain Pros has all that you need to have your drain pipes in perfect condition. Our team is ready to come to the site and make the necessary repairs for you.

Inner West

Residents of Inner West have every reason to smile. We are now ranked top as the most reliable company in offering pipe relining services not only in Inner West but also across Sydney. Try us today for an exceptional experience.

Easter Suburbs

Are you having trouble with your drainage pipes in Eastern Suburbs? Are you looking for pipe relining services from professional experts? Look for Drain Pros anywhere in Eastern Suburbs, and we will be happy to offer you the best services.

Northern Suburbs

If you have been having trouble with recurring and resurfacing blockage issues in your home, this would be the best time to seek a lasting solution from Drain Pros. We are ready to assess your situation and thereafter offer you the best services.

North Shore

It is only at Drain Pros that you can get world-class pipe relining services anywhere on North Shore. We have been in practice for the longest time and therefore believe that we are the best in offering pipe relining services. We are just a call away.

Sutherland Shire

Ask for an expert from Drain Pros to help with pipe relining in Sutherland Shire. We operate round the clock for your maximum convenience, even during emergencies.

St. George

St. George residents have enjoyed the best services from Drain Pros for a long time now. Be part of those who enjoys our services by calling our experts today. Do not take too long, call us now!

Hills District

Drain Pros has its outlets across Hills District and that is why we are recognized largely by the residents. Meet the most qualified and experienced experts in pipe relining and enjoy a long-lasting solution. We are the best.

Do not delay in scheduling pipe relining for your residential or commercial property. Do not allow time to run out since disaster might strike when least expected. Drain Pros is available 24/7 for any drain emergencies.