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Drain Pros- The Plumbing Company in Sydney You Can Trust For Blocked Sewer Line

Is your sewer line blocked? Well, it is time you contacted Drain Pros to help fix the problem. We are a team of drain specialists highly trained, experienced, and well equipped with the most advanced drain tools and equipment. Drain Pros drain specialists can handle even the toughest sewer line blockage in residential and commercial properties.

What Are The Common Signs of Blocked Sewer Line In Sydney?

Being able to tell when your sewer is blocked, or a clog is building up is the most important thing. Here are signs that can help you identify a blocked sewer line.

Water Backed Up in Your Toilet or Sink

You might have realized that the water levels in your toilet are higher than normal, or your sink is backed up with water. This means that there is some blockage blocking water from passing down the sewer line.

Slow Bathroom or Sink Drain

Blockage along the sewer line tends to slow the speed of the water. Therefore, you might notice that your sink or toilet takes longer than normal to drain water. That is a sign of developing blockage, which can aggravate with time.

Bad Smells

An unpleasant smell usually comes from the decaying substances trapped along the sewer pipes. For instance, food scraps and organic materials trapped along the drain pipes are likely to decay with time hence letting out a bad smell. This indicates that unblocking is needed.

Flooded Yard

The capital priority when landscaping your yard is to ensure that water is drained effectively in times of rain. If your yard has flooding spots even when there is no rain, then it means that blockage is already building up.

The Blocked Sewer Line Process Explained

Wondering what happens in the process of unblocking a sewer line? Here are three important steps Drain Pros experts follow for effective unblocking of a sewer line:

Assess the Blocked Sewer Line

Drain Pros specialists begin by assessing the blocked sewer line and, more so, check the drains that have been affected as well as the utilities. Further, the specialists seek to locate the main sewer line and, thereafter, the blocked section.

Clear The Blocked Sewer Line

Having identified the specific location of the blockage, our experts begin the unblocking process. The technique and tools used in unblocking depend on the situation at hand. Drain Pros has the best equipment to handle all blockages.

Investigate and Detect

In the interest of ensuring that the blockage is completely cleared, our expert will insert an electric drain snake along with a CCTV drain camera through the sewer line. Clients are granted the opportunity to confirm that the blockage is clear with the help of our modern portable monitor.

What Are The Causes of A Blocked Sewer Line?

It is important to understand the main causes of blocked sewer lines in order to avoid such problems in the future and reduce the frequency of blocked sewers. Here are the core causes of blocked drains:
Wet wipes are generally fabrics that cannot be dissolved in water. Therefore, letting wet wipes into the drainage increases the chances of blockage.
Even as toilet papers are friendly with drainage systems, huge deposits of such can lead to blockage. Moderation is recommended in depositing toilet papers through the drains.
Hair tends to bond well with sticky substances. Therefore, when left through the drainage system, the blockage will eventually occur.
In most cases, drainage pipes made of plastic are damaged when roots find their natural growth way. Tree roots can cause cracks and deformities on the pipes hence eventually creating a blockage.
Food scraps can easily find their way into the drainage system, especially when washing dirty dishes. Large particles of food scraps can accumulate along the drain pipes and cause drain blockage.
Grease is sticky in nature, hence can build up along the walls of the drain pipes. When mixed with other substances, it creates a stubborn blockage.
Broken pipes tamper with the flow of waste and water. In some cases, substances may find their way through the broken parts, including tree roots.

Tools To Use in Clearing Blocked Sewer Line In Sydney

Drain Pros utilized modern and traditional tools for sewer line unblocking in Sydney. Among the main tools include:

Jet Blaster

A jet blaster works by driving water through the blocked drain at high pressure. It is the most effective approach to unblocking drains. Jet blaster works ideally for both short and long drainage pipes due to the high pressure of water.

Electric Eel

An electric eel is more of a metallic coil that snakes through drainage pipes to clear clogs. Drain Pros use electric eel for effective unblocking in Sydney.

Plumbing Chemical

Brain Pros has the best chemicals that are highly effective in clearing blocked drains. In this case, we practice maximum caution and responsibility not to negatively impact the environment. Chemicals work as reactive agents against stubborn substances along the blocked drain.


The traditional plunger still remains an effective method to unblock drains. Our experts understand situations that require plungers and utilize them in the best way. Plungers work by sucking out and flushing out substances, causing a blockage in the drains.

Ways to Unblock Your Sewer Line Without Calling A Sydney Plumber

You can always use the DIY approach to unblock your sewer line. Here are some of the strategies you can use;

Use Hot Water

It is recommended that you pour hot water through the sinkhole or the drainage channel since it helps in clearing sticky substances such as oil and grease. Pour enough water until the blockage is gone.

Vinegar and Baking Soda

Begin by pouring a cup of baking soda into the drainage path, followed by a cup of vinegar. The two work ideally in reacting with stubborn substances in the drain. End the process by pouring hot water through the unblocked drains.


It is rather easy to use a plunger. Make sure you pump as much as possible through the sinkhole or the drainage channel until the blocking substances are sucked or flushed out.

What is The Best Permanent Sydney Sewer Repair?

If your sewer blockages have been too frequent, there are ways they can be fixed permanently. Drain Pros utilizes the best permanent blocked sewer repair methods here n Sydney. They include:

Relining The Pipe

This process evades digging up the sewer pipes and utilizes resin which easily bonds with the broken pipe. The procedure is known to extend the lifespan of the drain system.


Alternatively, our experts can consider pipe replacements if several breakages are involved. This may entail digging out the old pipes for replacement.

Back falling pipes

This method seeks to diagnose the drainage system and identify the offending pipe that causes drainage flaws. The necessary adjustments are made.

Collapsed Pipes

Collapsing of drainage pipes leads to blockage of flow by the surrounding soil. To address this, our experts identify the collapsed section and recommend repair or replacement.

Shallow Pipes

Shallow pipes are usually almost above the earth’s surface since they are not buried adequately. Drain Pros identify such issues and recommend the most ideal remedy.

How Sewer Pipe Relining Can Help You Avoid Major Problems?

Pipe relining entails restoring the original dimensions of the drainage pipes while sealing broken points using glass substance or resin. The process helps in avoiding major problems by eliminating blockage and by extending the durability of the pipes.

What is Trenchless Pipe Relining, and How Does it Work?

Trenchless pipe relining is the process through which drainage pipes are cleaned using Jet Blaster, after which a ‘bladder’ and resin are inserted through the interior of the pipe. Experts then inflate the bladder to force resin against the pipe’s interior walls to seal breakages and cracks.

Areas in Sydney Drain Pros Service

Sydney CBD

Our experts have been operating in Sydney CBD for a long time now. Our offices are always open to offer you professional services.

Northland Beaches

Residents of Northland beaches have reason to smile since all their blocked sewer problems can now be effectively addressed by Drain Pros. We are at your full service any day.

Eastern Suburbs

Word class blocked sewer plumbing services from Drain Pros are accessible in Eastern Suburbs now. We are a phone call away. Our team is ready to assist you fully.

North Shore

Bring your blocked drainage emergencies to Drain Pros now and get the most professional services. Our team is always ready to handle any sewer issue across North Shor and Sydney at large.

Inner West

Enjoy our 24/7 blocked drain services by calling Drain Pros today. We are versatile and experienced in handling any drain blockage problem.

St. George

Drain Pros is the highest-ranked professional Blocked sewer plumbing service in St. George today. We offer a lasting solution to any of your drainage problems.

Sutherland Shire

Enjoy the friendliest charges and terms of services on our Blocked Drain Services. Drain Pros have the best reputation in offering permanent solutions to your drain block issues.

The Drain Pros Guarantee

Drain Pros has always pledged and delivered the most reliable and professional services. You do not need to look further for top-class plumbing services. Our highly qualified team will always be ready to address your blocked sewer needs 24/7. Book our services now!