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Blocked Shower Drain Sydney

It is the right time to ask for professional assistance if you have noticed slow shower drain. Just like other drains, there are chances of clogs building up in your shower drain. The result would be flooding bathroom when taking a shower. The best solution is to call a drain specialist to fix the problem. At Drain Pros, we are drain specialists that boast on immense experience in providing drain services in Sydney and all its suburbs. Call us today for all your blocked shower needs!.

Signs You Have a Blocked Shower Drain in Sydney

Here are among the main signs that your shower could be blocked:

Flooding Shower

You might have realised that there is flooding when it taking a shower. This is should not happen in a properly working shower drain. So if you start seeing puddles of water in the shower, then your drain is blocking and need immediate fixing

Slow Drainage

You could have also realised the water flows slowly when taking a shower. In a clear drain, you should not see water pooling. In such cases, there is the likelihood a blockage is building up. The situation may aggravate further to the extent of completely blocking the drain.

Bad Smell

It is notable that waste flows through the shower drains, including soap, and other material. Some of these material may be blockched and start decaying. That’s when a bad smell might started coming out of the shower. Call Drain Pros if you realize a bad ordour coming from the shower drain.

What Could Be Causing Your Blocked Shower Drain

Knowing the potential causes of blocked shower drain is crucial because it can help in preventing the blockage from happening. Here are some of the main causes blocked shower drains here in Sydney:
Hair balls building up in the shower drain are the biggest cause of blocked drains. They usually combine with grease materia from the bathing soaps and shampoos to form stubborn clogs. If you have the habit of dropping hair along the drainage channels, then blocked drains will be frequent. Avoid dropping hair follicles into the shower drain.
It is possible for foreign objects such as stones, wood, sand, and silt to build up in the shower drain and cause serious blockages. Some of these foreign objects are associated with permanent blockage of shower drains.
Like other foreign substances, Sediment has the highest likelihood of causing blockage along the shower drain. Gradual build-up of sediment can cause stubborn clogs that be permanent blockages.
Broken pipes give way for external substances to find their way into the drainage path. Soil and tree roots can easily penetrate through broken drainage pipes hence eventually causing blockage.
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How Drain Pros Can Unblock Your Shower Drain

At Drain Pros, we understand that some drainage blockage can hit when least expected. That is why our team is always ready to offer you emergency unblocking services any time of the day and night. We are available 24/7 for all your drain unblocking emergency needs.
Hair balls building up in the shower drain are the biggest cause of blocked drains. They usually combine with grease materia from the bathing soaps and shampoos to form stubborn clogs. If you have the habit of dropping hair along the drainage channels, then blocked drains will be frequent. Avoid dropping hair follicles into the shower drain.
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DIY Steps at Home To Unblock Your Shower

Some shower blockage can easily be addressed without the intervention of a drain specaalist. It is recommended that you assess the situation first and consider if it is possible to unblock the shower drain yourself or not. There are some simple DIY steps that you can follow and get the whole problem solved. However, if the blockage proves to be too stubborn to your capacity, you can always reach out to Drain Pros for professional assistance. here are some DIY steps at home to unblock your shower:

Baking Soda and White Vinegar

This is among the common ways that have proven effective yet simple in clearing blocked showers. In this case, you should begin by pouring a cup of baking soda into the blocked shower drain. Allow the baking soda to remain on the drain for at least 20 minutes, after which you should add a cup of vinegar. Further, allow the mixture of vinegar and baking soda to remain in the drainage for 20 more minutes before rinsing it down with hot water. The process works ideally in creating a reaction between the clog, baking soda, and vinegar.

Commercial Drain Cleaners

You can also consider using commercial drain cleaners to unblock your shower drain. In this case, you should thoroughly scrub the points where the blockage exists in order to clear it. The method works ideally when the blockage is reachable, especially close to the surface of the shower drain. The idea here is to eliminate any substance that can potentially lead to the building up of clogs along the shower drainage. You can as well consider using an additional cleaning agents to achieve better results.

Boiling Water

The use of boiling water in the clearing blocked shower drains has been one of the oldest methods used even today. Just boil enough water and pouring it into the shower drain. In this case, the water must be very hot to effectively unblock the drain. Boiling water works by melting off oily and greasy substances that form clogs in the drainage channel.

Areas in Sydney That Drain Pros Services

Sydney CBD

Sydney residents have had the privilege of enjoying Drain Pros services for some time now. You can reach out to Drain Pros from any part of Sydney CBD, and we will be honoured to quickly and effectively unblock your shower drain.

West Sydney

Residents of West Sydney can take a sigh of relief following the establishment of our service outlet there. You can be assured that Drain Pros will provide you with the best solutions to any blockage issues in your domestic or commercial facilities.

Inner West

Drain Pros is ranked best as the only company that offers the most competent and professional blocked shower drain specialists. We believe in helping anyone with any blockage issues, both in domestic and commercial facilities. You can bank your hope on our incomparable services. We believe in handling every situation with the most professional approach.

Eastern Suburbs

Drain Pros is privileged to offer you fast services in unblocking your shower drain anywhere in the Eastern suburbs. We are just a call away. Out drain specialists will respond to your call prompt and we always arrive on time.

Northern Suburbs

Enjoy world-class unblocking services for your shower drain from our Drain Pros experts. We have managed to offer competency that surpasses our competitors by far. We have the solution that you have been badly looking for. Try us today for maximum satisfaction.

North Shore

If you are a resident of North Shore, then you have absolutely no reason to worry about following a blockage on your shower drain. Drain Pros is the right company for all your needs. We will be at your doorstep in time to ensure that your a fixed promptly and professionally.

Sutherland Shire

We are proud to have offered our blocked shower drain services to residents of Sutherland Shire for a long time now. Our track record outshines any other competitor in Sutherland Shire. Try us now and enjoy unmatched services today.

St. George

You do not have to worry about your blocked shower drain in St. George anymore. Our team is more than ready to accord you the most outstanding plumbing services you’ve ever experienced. Just reach out to us any time and get the best experience from us.

Hills District

It is now time to ask for professional services for your blocked shower drain in Hills District and get the best rates from Drain Pros. We are budget-friendly for all. Drop us a call now and get the best unblocking services.

If you are in Sydney, do not allow a blocked shower drains give you trouble. Get in touch with Drain Pros before the situation escalates. We have the best drain specialists you can find in Sydney. Our services are available 24 hours, including emergency drain services.