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CCTV Drain Inspection

Damaged or blocked drainage is the last thing you would want to experience. But it is inevitable. The problem for Sydney residents experiencing drainage issues is finding a reliable drain specialist to address their problem. Drain inspection is one of the crucial services. At Drain Pros, we offer professional HD CCTV drain inspection services at an affordable cost. Our drain specialists are equipped with advanced CCTV drain cameras. Call us today for all your drain inspection services.

What Can The CCTV Drain Inspection Camera Detect?

Essentially, CCTV drainage inspection cameras are designed to locate both small and large clogs within the drainage system. In this case, some substances are quite hidden, especially in underground drainage pipes, hence the need to use a CCTV camera to inspect possible blockage. Here are among the things that the CCTV drain inspection camera can detect:

Damaged or Corroded Pipes

Damages and corrosion can be a major cause of blockage along the drainage pipes in your house. In most cases, some of the damages or corrosion can hardly be detected using other means, hence the need for a high-definition CCTV camera to inspect and detect such.

Collapsed Pipes

A vast majority of Sydney residents facing problems with their blocked drains can hardly tell if the pipes are intact or collapsed. With the help of a CCTV inspection camera, it is easy and effective to trace any collapsed pipes and recommend the necessary repair.

Blocked Pipes

Pipes can easily develop some clogs and blockages as more and more substances accumulate along the drainage channels. It becomes easy to trace any form of blockages along the pipes with the help of contemporary CCTV inspection cameras from Drain Pros.

Tree Root Infestation

One of the major causes of drain blockage is infestation from growing tree roots. The worst thing is that one can hardly tell if the blockage problem is a result of tree root infestation. That is why CCTV inspection cameras are recommended for detecting such infestation.

Poor Installation

In case the initial installation of your drainage system was done in a substandard way, then you are likely to get issues with blocked drain pipes. You can use a CCTV inspection camera to check if faulty installation is the cause of the drain blockage.

The Benefits of Using A CCTV Drain Inspection Camera

Among the core benefits associated with CCTV drain inspection cameras include:

Eliminate Unnecessary Digging and Guesswork

It might cost you a lot to dig up drainage pipes in the pursuit of reaching the blocked part of the drain system. It gets even worse when the digging is based on guesswork. That is why CCTV drain inspection cameras are recommended since they direct experts to the exact part that has been blocked while eliminating any guesswork.

Recorded Videos Available

Another benefit is that you can be provided with recorded videos captured by the CCTV drain inspection cameras upon demand. This works when clients and experts brainstorm for the best approach to solving the underlying problem.

Determine Pipe Condition

Assessing the blockage situation is one of the major aims of experts seeking to unblock drain pipes. With adequate information from the CCTV camera, it becomes possible to assess the condition of the pipe and decide on the next move.

Environmentally Friendly

Safeguarding the environment is a major requirement, even as Sydney residents seek to install and repair their drainage systems. Some practices like the use of chemicals and digging out pipes can be harmful to the environment. Using a CCTV inspection camera paves the way for determining the friendliest method to unblock drain pipes. The cameras do not cause any environmental harm whatsoever.

What Equipment is Involved?

Drain Pros is known to utilize high-end equipment in the process of drain inspection. Among the cardinal equipment used include:

Waterproof Cameras

Since drainage systems are always wet, Drain Pros uses waterproof cameras, and this is what the company has been utilizing all through. The cameras are designed to withstand high pressure without sustaining damage.

Access Rods

These long, thin pieces of carbon fibers move the waterproof cameras through the drainage systems. The rods are flexible enough to navigate through bends along the drainage path, hence allowing inspection even in the blind spots. The rods can also navigate through interconnections with absolute ease.


This is an advanced robotic device that is used largely in inspecting complex commercial drainage systems. The robotic device is made of four wheels that allow it to navigate through the large pipes easily. The best part is that the crawler provides live feedback based on the underlying blockage issue.

Sonar Units

Sonar units are used in assessing the condition of the blockage, especially when large clogs of debris, soil, or grease are involved. In this case, experts utilize acoustic profiling to determine the extent of the compartment in the drain pipes.

How Drain Pros Approaches Blocked or Damages Drains

Having assessed the underlying situation, experts at Drain Pros determine the most effective approach toward eliminating clogs. Here are some of them:

Pipe Unblocking

In this case, Drain Pros focus on unblocking the clog along the drain pipes. The approach, in this case, can be jet blasting, whereby water at high pressure is exerted on the blocked pipes. Alternatively, chemical cleaners and electric eels can be used in unblocking clogs. All the aforementioned approaches are effective in their best-suited situations.

Drain Patch Repairs

In an instance where there are some existing patches on the drain pipes, experts can consider embarking on professional repairing using the best substances. Fiberglass can be used in sealing such small patches in the drain pipes.

Pipe Relining

This entails restoring the original condition of the pipes following deformities that emanate from blockages. Experts apply the resin tube in relining pipes and seal any breakages affecting the flow of waste.

Full Drain Repair

In instances where the damage to the drain pipes is extensive, it is recommended that a full drain repair should be conducted. Excavation and digging out damaged pipes for replacement may be necessary.

Drain Pros CCTV Drain Inspection Process

Contact The Experts At Drain Pros Today

Be quick to contact Drain Pros at the very moment you realize that there are some damages or blockages along your drain. Our team is always on alert to handle your issue within the shortest time possible.

Thorough Inspection of The Drainage System

Our team is immediately deployed on-site to assess the situation upon contacting us. We have the best experts who will do everything to ensure a thorough drainage inspection. We have modern equipment, including waterproof cameras to assist with CCTV drain inspection. So you can be assured of maximum effectiveness.

Identify Blockers and Share Findings

Our thorough drain inspection leads us to the exact blockers existing along the drainage system. Our experts are able to identify the blockers and the extent to which they have affected the drainage system. Upon completion, we will share the findings with you for further consultations. We go a step further to offer professional advice to our clients.

Schedule Repair Works

Upon reaching a consensus, our team is ready to begin repair works immediately. You can also recommend or suggest the most convenient time for repair, and we will fully adhere or advise otherwise from a professional perspective.

Areas In Sydney That Drain Pros Services

Sydney CBD

We have operated in Sydney CBD for a significantly long time now. We, therefore, are familiar with all the drain blockage issues facing Sydney CBD residents. Call us now!

West Sydney

Great news! The most professional and skilled team for drain inspection is here in West Sydney. Look no further. We have the best solution to the blockage problem you are facing today.

Inner West

Drain Pros has modern equipment that assists with the unblocking of drains around Inner West. We will effectively and professionally inspect your drain using modern CCTV inspection cameras.

Easter Suburbs

Looking for CCTV drainage inspection services in Eastern Suburbs? Drain Pros is the perfect match for all your needs. We will perform our inspection professionally and reliably and even offer unblocking services.

Northern Suburbs

World-class CCTV drainage inspection is now available for the people of Northern Suburbs, courtesy of Drain Pros. Book our services any time, and we will respond promptly and swiftly. We are the best.

North Shore

Drain Pros is the only company in North Shore that offers 24/7 services in CCTV drain inspection. You can bank your hope on us for any of such services and even more. All your drain problems are solved under one umbrella by Drain Pros.

Sutherland Shire

Be the next one to benefit from the unmatched CCTV drainage inspection services in Sutherland Shire. Drain Pros is here with the key solution to your issues. We are sure of what we do.

St. George

The most skilled, professional, and experienced experts in CCTV drainage inspections across St. George can only be found at Drain Pros. Book our services today for an exceptional experience like no other.

Hills District

You can get all your drainage blockage problems handled professionally by the Drain Pros experts in Hills District. Visit us or call our experts for quick services any day.

Need your drain inspected by professionals? Do not wait until it is too late. Drain Pros offers the best quality and affordable CCTV drainage inspection with us for your residential or commercial property in Sydney. Call us today, and our team will be at your place with a short turnaround time!