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A blocked drain is not just an inconvenience but often represents a domestic emergency. If not fixed quickly, broken pipes and drain blockages can go on to cause significant problems for both your property and your health.
Not only is there a risk of structural damage to your home or business premises as leaks form, but contaminated water can also introduce mould, bacteria, and unpleasant smells into your environment.
With a clogged drain posing a significant health risk, it’s vital to call in a professional Sydney plumber as soon as an issue is spotted. Catching problems early not only prevents harm to health and property but also saves you time and money, fixing blockages before they become major problems.

If you have a blocked drain, contact Drain Pro’s now.

One of our team will be on hand to help resolve your problem with expert plumbers ready and waiting to be dispatched to your home or business.

About Us

Who We Are

For those in and around Sydney, Drain Pros have become the go-to drain specialists, offering a guarantee to remove blockages for your peace of mind.

We offer a complete drain unblocking service with no problem too small or too large for us to handle. Whether it’s tree roots, garden debris, food waste, or something else, we have seen it all with our team able to diagnose and clear blockages with ease. We have the tools, knowledge, and experience to tackle all drain problems from damaged pipework and clogs to major blockages that require replacement.

Central to Drain Pro’s philosophy is a commitment to delivering our first-rate plumbing service when you need it most. This means we operate a 24/7 emergency plumber service that is available to both residential and commercial properties.

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Why Drain Pro's are Sydney’s leading Plumbing service provider

From the initial call to the wave goodbye, Drain Pros prides itself on its professionalism, with customers consistently rating us as a 5-star service. Our dedicated team of experts have decades of experience between them with all our technicians fully insured and licensed to operate as a plumber in Sydney.

What sets Drain Pro’s apart from the competition is our specialisation and focus on resolving drain issues. Where other plumbers will admit defeat, we consistently find a way to fix difficult and hard-to-get-to-drain blockages. Our cutting-edge tools and techniques mean we always find a solution, guaranteeing our customers a fully-functioning drainage system in no time.

This can-do attitude has led to Drain Pro’s becoming recognised as Sydney’s leading plumbing service provider. We offer a comprehensive pipe relining service that uses the very latest techniques to fix broken and blocked pipework, passing on time and cost savings to our customers. We are also pipe replacement experts, with experience and technology to isolate problem pipework and minimise disruption to your property.

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What You Can Expect From Us

Here at Drain Pro’s, we know that the people and companies in Sydney have a choice when it comes to plumbing services. Our goal at Drain Pro’s, then, is to offer the very best plumbing service in Sydney. We have achieved this through a focus on customer service, putting you first.

We understand that plumbing problems are often something that catches us off guard. This can cause considerable distress when they occur, especially when operating a business or if you have a busy household. Being unable to use a toilet, shower, or have to wade through water in your yard can make life extremely difficult.

Our aim is to give you peace of mind throughout the drain unblocking process. From Drain Pro’s, you can expect:

Professionalism above all else

We pride ourselves on upholding integrity in all of our client dealings and we stand behind the quality of our workmanship.

From the moment you get in touch, you will find our staff to be respectful, professional, and understanding of your situation. We believe friendly professionalism to be the best way to handle emergency plumbing situations such as drain blockages, reassuring our customers that they are in safe hands and the problem will be resolved swiftly.

Quality Workmanship Guarantee for our customers

From the small pipework fixes to major pipe replacement jobs, we stand by all of our work. Drain Pros use only the best tools, superior parts, latest techniques and technology, and never cut corners.

Drain Pros proudly offers a quality workmanship guarantee to all of our customers, standing behind our expert plumbers and their work.

Honest upfront pricing

We work hard to maintain our client relationships and this begins with honest, upfront pricing and transparent communication with clients. This allows customers to financially prepare and budget ahead of job completion.

We understand the frustration with non-answers to the question “how much does it cost to unblock a drain in Sydney” and therefore provide all our clients with over-the-phone estimates based on your problem and our own experience.

As part of Drain Pro’s service, we also provide free advice on how to care for your drainage system and offer preventative maintenance services that can reduce overall costs in the long run.

On time, every time

Upon calling Drain Pro's, we keep to our word and arrive at your premises on time, every time.

A drain blockage is no small concern, with growing risk to health and property the more time passes. As part of our emergency plumbing service, we, therefore, guarantee arrival times to give customers peace of mind and take away as much stress as possible.

Being Sydney-based plumbers, Drain Pros expert plumbers know their way around the area and are able to navigate their way to your home or business as quickly as possible. When we say we will arrive by a time, we mean it.

Explore Our Services & Solutions

What Can We Help You With?

Blocked Drains

Whether it’s a kitchen sink, storm drain, sewer line, or overflowing toilet, we can unblock drains of any kind, guaranteed, using our range of high-tech solutions.

Drain & Pipe Relining

A modern alternative to drain replacement, relining effectively installs a new durable pipe sleeved within old pipework. This is suitable in cases where pipework is fractured, has holes in the body, and is beginning to corrode.

Drain Repairs

We offer drain repair solutions such as patch repair work to fix localised and small-scale pipe defects and damage, without the need to replace entire lengths of pipework.

Trenchless Pipe Relining

Drain Pro's is able to conduct most relining work without the need for excavation. This trenchless technique relies instead on the installation of a resin liner inserted into the pipework and applied using an inflatable bladder.

Chemical Drain Cleaning

Using powerful chemical reagents, we dissolve and flush away fat, grease, and other drain contaminants that might develop into a blockage.

Drain Maintenance

Saving customers future headaches and money, we also offer routine drain maintenance services such as regular drain cleaning, inspection, and hydro jetting.

CCTV Drain Inspection

CCTV drain inspection devices allow us to see what’s going on inside your drainage system without the need for excavation. This saves time, damage to your property, and takes away guesswork in fixing blocked drains.

Drain Replacement

When relining is not possible, we offer a drain replacement service with minimal disruption to your property. This involves excavation and complete replacement of collapsed pipework.

Drain Jetting

Drain Pro's uses powerful hydro jets to dislodge, break up, and flush away debris and contaminants that may be blocking your drain. Using a range of specialised nozzles, we are able to even cut away segments of tree roots using highly pressurised water.

Have a Blocked Drain Emergency?

If you have a blocked drain emergency and need a plumber, call Drain Pro’s now. Our plumbing team is on standby 24/7 to unclog your drain, with upfront pricing and guaranteed arrival times.
Most significant drain blockages do not resolve themselves and get worse over time. In the meantime, your property can sustain considerable water damage, often unseen, with the added risk of exposing occupants to mould spores, bacteria and unpleasant odours.

Areas in Sydney that Drain Pro’s Services

Drain Pro’s proudly offers their emergency plumbing service to the whole of the Sydney area. Amongst the areas we cover include:

Common Drainage Plumbing Problems in Sydney

As Sydney’s leading drainage experts we have seen all it all when it comes to blocked drains which is why we can confidently assure you that you are in safe hands.
Foreign objects flushed or washed down the drains such as wet wipes, hair, food scraps, grease build-up and excess toilet paper or sanitary items. As well as tree roots in older properties or near old existing trees.

As Sydney’s leading drainage experts, we’ve seen it all when it comes to blocked drains serving the people and businesses of the area. This experience with issues both big and small means you can rest assured that you are in safe hands when dealing with Drain Pro’s.

One of the most common problems we encounter is foreign objects flushed or washed away into the drainage system. This includes:

Wet Wipes

Despite looking like toilet paper, wet wipes do not dissolve and break down in water, causing major drain blockages.


As we shower and wash, hair often finds its way into our drains, forming into clumps that slow water drainage and catch other debris.

Food Scraps

Whether it’s an improperly scraped dinner plate in the dishwasher or from prepping food over the sink, food scraps are a common drainage problem, preventing water and waste from flowing correctly.


Butter, oil, and other greasy products may enter our drains as a liquid but the cooler interior of our pipework cause them to solidify. This sticky residue then lines our pipes, catching other debris and forming blockages that are difficult to resolve without professional help.

Excess Toilet Paper

While toilet paper breaks down easily in water and is designed to enter our drainage systems, using too much at once can cause surprisingly stubborn blockages.

Sanitary Products

Bathroom and sanitary products such as cotton wool balls, floss, nappies, and sanitary towels are also occasionally mis-flushed down the toilet, creating significant problems for drainage systems.

Drain Pros Blocked Drain Process

Over our years of operation, Drain Pro’s has developed a winning strategy for resolving any kind of drain blockage:

Step 1

Thorough inspection and assessment of the property

We begin with an inspection of your property’s drainage system. An expert plumbing technician will discuss your problem with you and then look closely at your home or business’s pipework to assess the layout, paying attention to the location of drains, sink holes, and other outlets.

Leaning on their experience and training, this gives our team valuable insights into what the issue may be and where best to begin looking for a blockage or damage.

Step 2


We then precisely determine the location and cause of the blockage using a snaking CCT drain inspection camera. This features a high-definition micro-camera on the end of a flexible cable spooled on a reel.

This is gradually fed into your drainage system with a remote viewing monitor allowing our team to see exactly what the condition of your pipework is. This footage can be rewatched and saved should closer analysis be necessary, with our staff able to show you the offending blockage live prior to treatment.

Step 3

Jet blaster

In most cases, we then proceed to dislodge and break down the blockage using jet blasting technology. Our hydro jets feature several different nozzles to tackle all manner of blockages with variable pressure. Once the tree root, grease build-up, foreign object, or other blockage cause is dislodged, we will once again inspect the pipework to ensure it needs no further action.

Step 4

Consultation to discuss the issue and any further preventative measures

Once our technician is happy the drain is unblocked and in good condition, we will then discuss with you the likely cause of the blockage and how to prevent the same thing from happening in the future.

As part of our service, we will recommend some DIY tips on maintaining clean and free-flowing drains as well as our own routine maintenance services that ultimately save time and money.

Signs You May Need Drain Repairs and Pipe Relining

How Drain Pro’s are able to identify repairs in your drainage system – common signs that can indicate damaged drains: Mould, poor drainage, sewerage backup, cracks and structural damage, subsidence, and foul odours Discuss when pipe re-lining may be the recommended

While all drainage systems differ somewhat, here are some telltale signs that you need Drain Pro’s repair and reining services:

Mould: if you notice mould growing in your property, especially near sinks, outlets, and up walls, it may be a sign that you have a broken or blocked drain. Mould requires moist, damp conditions to thrive so unexpected breakouts could indicate an undiscovered drainage problem.

Slow drainage: drains that are slow to let water flow away are also a sign you may have a blockage. If the problem is localised to a single escape, then there may a single affected piece of pipework. Multiple drains affected could indicate a major blockage somewhere in the system or even a total collapse.

Sewerage backup: the most unpleasant problems occur when our sewer lines or toilets become blocked. This causes water levels to rise and fall rapidly and an overflow of waste to spill over. Sewerage backup is a potential health hazard and resolution of the issue is necessary as soon as possible.

Cracks, structural damage: difficult to spot, and often overlooked, cracks and structural damage to our pipework is something that often requires professional diagnosis. These can cause pieces of pipework to obstruct and divert the flow of water, leading to major leaks and further problems.

Subsidence: if you notice parts of your garden or yard subsiding, it could be a sign that your storm drain or sewer line is leaking water as a result of collapsed pipework. This is a significant problem with water oftentimes finding its way into the property itself.

Foul odours: bad smells are often one of the first indicators that there is a blockage within a drain system. Blockages allow bacteria to form and grow in number within pipework without being flushed away, leading to a foul odour.

Drain Pro’s Has All of the Latest Technology

Drain Pro’s is committed to resolving your blocked drain as quickly as possible with the absolute minimum amount of disruption to your property.

We achieve this by using non-invasive “trenchless” no-dig technology to repair and replace pipework whenever possible. As a result, we rarely need to use excavation to replace pipes and instead choose to use a range of techniques including various pipe relining techniques and pipe repair technologies.

Our Sydney drain experts will discuss with you the various options available and recommend the best solution in your situation.

The advantages of trenchless drain repairs are:

Want To Talk To One of Our Sydney Drain Specialists?

To discuss our drain repair and cleaning solutions, contact Drain Pro’s now to talk to one of our specialists. Whether you need to make use of our 24/7 emergency plumbing service or you simply want to enquire about drain maintenance, someone is waiting and ready to take your call.


Frequently Asked Questions

Some drain blockages can be fixed yourself using a store-bought drain-snake or even a carefully bent wire hanger. These will often only be short-term fixes, however with blockages tending to return before long. Blockages deeper within your drainage system will also be impossible to resolve yourself, in which case you should call Drain Pro’s where one of our expert team can assist.
In most cases, your plumbing system will be ready to use immediately after the resolution of a blockage. In some severe cases, chemical cleaner will need to be left to work for several hours or overnight and when relining pipes, the resin will need time to cure. Nevertheless, Drain Pro’s will advise you in these cases.
We aim to be with customers as soon as possible. In emergency situations, this can be as little as 30 minutes to an hour. In non-emergency situations, we will arrange a visit by one of our team members at a time that is convenient for you.
All of Drain Pro’s plumbers are experts with considerable training and experience. Each is a licenced plumber in Sydney and is legally qualified to offer plumbing services.
We want you to be completely satisfied with Drain Pro’s service. We achieve this by offering a workmanship quality guarantee that means a job is only complete when you are happy. It is, for this reason, we are Sydney’s leading drain specialist with thousands of happy customers to date.